10 Ideas To Boost Your Virtual Trade Shows

Matt Tobin
04-May-2017 09:31:50

1. Know Your Goal

Right from the beginning, figure out what you’d like to achieve from running your virtual trade event.

Brand visibility?

Lead generation?

New product awareness?

Define the purpose of your exhibition before starting to generate it and your show & its content will be more focused, satisfying the needs of those attending!

2. What’s Your Demographic?

Who are the average Joes and Jills that will be viewing? Assess the target audience you’re trying to cater an event for.

Understanding the demographic tuning in, means you’ll have a better idea of what content will be entertaining and relevant to them.

Perhaps your audience are interested in viewing a new product being launched by yourselves?

Centre your exhibition booth around it! Target them by including related media that they want to see such as product images or product information PDFs.

3. Less Text, More Visuals

Virtual trade shows, much like their physical counterparts, are centred around visuals.

Imaginatively-designed stands and product displays, neither of them feature much text. The same can be said for show booth and lobby design.

Including text-heavy presentations in your auditorium will inevitably turn the audience off after a while. Plus, they’re less likely to retain much of the information relayed.

Include as much visual content as possible and you’ll appeal to the visual learners in attendance.

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4. Voice (s)

A staple of every webinar tips blog; Including multiple voices during trade show presentations.

Having more than one person presenting keeps things fresh, keeps the audience alert and makes those attending more likely to return to your On Demand event environment afterwards.

Also, make sure your speakers are enthusiastic. An uninspired speaker can give off a bad vibe to the audience and can really hamper a presentation.

If the speaker is passionate about what they’re talking about, it’ll rub off on the audience!

5. Interactions

If your aforementioned event goal is to generate leads, interactions are the perfect way to forge customer relationships.

Engage with those in attendance and keep the momentum of your event going by including interactive features like in-presentation Debates, Live Chat and Polls.

Not only will people be connecting with each other, they will be connecting with you, the presenter!

6. Multimedia

A virtual trade show organisers’ best friend.

Multimedia content can illustrate points that words on their own, simply cannot.

Even though imagery and video have been used in presentations for some time, they’re still a brilliant way to keep viewers engaged with what they’re seeing.

Plus, they’re an opportunity to showcase something, in a way that is easier for viewers to remember.

For example, a product video is a more memorable way to illustrate it than a presenter simply reading out descriptive sentences about it.

7. If It Ain’t Interesting, Change It

If attendees are walking away from your event thinking it was an uninspiring waste of time, it’s a sign you need to add something extra.

Consider which areas you need to improve upon.

Would adding more of the aforementioned interactive elements peak the audience's interest?

Are the audience simply listening to a speaker reciting a script?

Look at in-event reports and check which aspect of your trade show the audience spent the most time and where they didn’t fancy sticking around!

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8. Try And Be Unique

Check out the competition. What are they doing and not doing?

Finding your company’s unique selling point is difficult, but if you can figure out what makes you stand out from the competition, then express that within your virtual trade show!

If you have a service feature, unique to your industry sector, talk about it! Make it one of the key aspects of your event.

Offering something that won’t be seen anywhere else is a difficult thing to achieve, but if you have something unique to your company, it’s a brilliant way to impress those viewing.

9. Make It Easy

Navigating around a virtual event should be the easiest thing in the world.

Help features are built into most virtual trade show interfaces, but attendees should never have to use them to ask where a particular event area is!

Clearly label navigational buttons so viewers know exactly where everything is.

It’ll make their event experience more positive and make them more likely to tune-in to any future online exhibitions you hold.

10. Keep It Simple

Try not to overthink things!

Creating a unique trade show doesn’t always require a complex solution. Rather, just a simple mix of all the above.

If you know your end goals and audience, that’s a brilliant start.

Add in a lot of visuals, with multiple speakers during your presentations.

While you’re there, get the audience involved and keep them interested with relevant video content.

Try and express your brand and what makes it special.

Most of all, ensure your event environment is simple to navigate around.

There you have it. 10 bright ideas to electrify your virtual trade show!

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