10 Quotes from INBOUND 2018 That Will Inspire You

Melissa Hugel
13-Sep-2018 13:44:03

It’s been a week since INBOUND 2018 came to an end, and I’ll be honest, we’re still trying to recover. INBOUND 2018 was a whirlwind of the best kind - four days of exceptional speakers, great exhibitors, and awesome people.

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INBOUND bills itself as a community of people who are passionate about marketing to and serving customers in an inbound way. If the goal was to inspire and educate the thousands of people who came along this September, INBOUND 2018 definitely surpassed it.

What’s great about INBOUND - when you’re there and hearing from some truly exceptional people - is that the event puts people first, it showed us that empathy and humanity are things businesses not only could have, but should have. The speakers we saw across an amazing four days are passionate not just about boosting profits or increasing earnings, but also about creating a future that puts people at its core.

From Shonda Rhimes to Beth Comstock to Dharmesh Shah, here are some of the quotes we found truly inspiring and that really made us think at INBOUND 2018. We hope you like them too!

1. “You are all the main character in your own story.” - Shonda Rhimes
2. “Don’t ask if your dream is crazy, ask if it’s crazy enough.” - Lena Waithe
Lena Waithe
3. "I know from a lifetime of reading books that any story, if done well, is universal."           - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
4. “If the first thing you’re doing in the morning is checking your inbox, that’s probably not a good idea. That’s letting other people prioritize your day.” - Brent Chudoba
5. "No = Not yet." - Beth Comstock
6. "Today, the loudest channel in the market is delight, and it's where the biggest return on investment is." - Brian Halligan
7. "When you think about my career highlights people often go to the home runs or the RBIs, but what they forget to tell you is I'm 5th all time in the history of the game [for] strikeouts. Ultimately I have a PhD in failing but I also have a Master's in getting back up." - Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez

8. "We just believed that social media was the future of how movements would spread, how people would learn about causes and engage, and how they would see their impact." - Scott Harrison

9. "Trust is the business we are in. The one thing we all share."  - Marcus Sheridan
10. “What does Starbucks sell? To me, Starbucks is a global network of restrooms, where the price of admission is a muffin. Plus, you get a muffin.” – Dharmesh Shah


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