11 Excellent Reasons Marketers Should Run More Webinars

Stewart Kibby
11-Oct-2016 10:30:00

Whether you're a B2B or B2C marketer, chances are you've ran webinars in the past. At the very least, you've talked about them and been involved with them to some extent.

If you aren't running webinars regularly, however, I want to ask you one question - why not?

Having heard what I'm sure is every possible answer, I wanted to take the time to share my key reasons - 11 of them, in fact - why marketers should be running more webinars.

1. Webinars work hard

The internet is a busy place. Do a quick Google search and you’ll find most of the shops and businesses on your local high street have a website.

With more and more businesses investing in an online presence, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. Especially if you’re in a competitive field of business and working hard for every lead and enquiry.

Webinars have long been a staple of many marketer's handbooks, but the webinars today - the ones that allow you to embed them into your landing pages, and which showcase your video content perfectly - are becoming a key marketing tool, generating more leads than most other forms of content marketing.

2. Different is good

By their very nature, webinars provide you with an alternative type of landing page; a different style of content for your audience to engage with.

And because they can be different from the standard mix of text and images, they stand out. Your audience may be used to seeing webinars in the past, but those created today can be truly unique.

As a result, this makes them the perfect addition to your marketing automation process. They offer something different for your audience to engage with, and for you as the marketer to promote and feature within your campaigns.

3. People love to listen

I often get asked why webinars work so well, and my first answer is that unlike written content, which takes time to write well – and to read - webinars give your audience something immediate to grasp onto. They offer a story that you can follow. And because we’re human, we’re hardwired to listen to stories.

In her book Wired for Story, author Lisa Cron defines what every engaging story must do:

“ignite the brain’s hardwired desire to learn what happens next”

There’s something about listening to information which, when structured well, engages our brains and pulls us in to find out more. We become thirsty for more - more information, in more of the same style. 

4. Webinars make life simple

A key business challenge in the fast-paced digital world we live in is the voracious demand for content marketing. The internet is hungry for those details that set us apart; the USPs that define our offerings and that gently persuade our audience to choose us and not our competitors.

Taking the time to tell your story well on a webinar means you only need to tell that story once. Not only can you produce an on-demand version that provides you with the coveted evergreen content, but you can repurpose that content and reuse it throughout your marketing and sales campaigns time and time again.

5. We love to share 

Audiences love brands that share. Share knowledge. Share experience. Share case studies. Share insights. Whatever it is, it shows to the audience that you are a leader in your field and truly care about their experience with you.

A webinar alone allows you to do that on a given topic - but an embedded webinar allows you to share your thoughts on the topic, as well as a whole host of additional, supporting information.

By embedding your webinars into your HubSpot landing pages, for example, your audience can be taken on a journey through all the other content you offer, including your sales pages and those calls to action that actually boost your bottom line.

6. We like things to look beautiful

Today it’s not only easy to embed webinars into your website, but recent developments in technology also mean that webinars are now much easier to create overall. Newer generation platforms now support the full set of PowerPoint features, including the capability to embed video or audio to enhance the event experience for participants.

We're no longer stuck to using static text or images, or having to spend immense amounts of time trying to get even the most basic of animations to work in our webinars. Choose the right software and, in essence, it will just work! 

7. They give the right people the chance to shine

Is there someone in your company who really, really knows their stuff? Someone who’s a quiet expert on what makes your business great; what makes your business different and what makes your business the best in - well - the business?

A webinar provides a unique, safe environment for that person to be able to share their knowledge in a way that’s less promotional, less sales-driven and more educational.

It takes a certain something to be a sales person today. You need a considerable amount of confidence, something that can be difficult to get across in person, face-to-face.

Via a webinar, however, you can be delivering everything your audience needs, but in an environment you're much more comfortable with. It benefits you, it benefits the audience and it benefits the brand.

8. We like to go deep 

What you sell often dictates the level of information your customers want before they make a buying decision. If you sell sweets, the details your customers need before they choose to buy might be as simple as what flavours are on offer.

If, however, your offering is more detailed, more complicated or, importantly, more expensive than a bag of sweets, you need to give much more information - and a webinar gives you the perfect platform to delve deep into the features and benefits you offer.

You can talk. You can discuss a piece of static copy. You can show images. You can display a case study. You can embed a video. You can even get your audience to ask questions live throughout, or publish a poll to get their instant feedback on a certain aspect.

A webinar enables you to show your depth of knowledge to your audience, and provides them with everything they need to move further along the sales pipeline. 

9. We know quality trumps quantity, every time

With a webinar, you can deliver an immense amount of value. The information you provide can truly impact on the experience your audience has not just with you immediately, but on-going.

Running high quality, audience-focused webinars regularly, you'll find your attendees stay engaged in much higher numbers than followers of other types of content.

The result? A more consistent lead generation process, both in terms of new customers and upselling to existing ones.

10. We all love to learn

Webinars educate and engage participants in a way that static content simply cannot do. It’s this engagement that informs, educates and engages your audience, leading them into your sales funnel and moving them step-by-step closer to a sale.

Plus, the versatility of webinars means the education can take on various different forms, allowing you to structure the 'learning' to your audience's specific needs.

11. We measure and then we grow 

One of the most under-appreciated benefits of webinars is that they offer you a simple way to grow your business. The latest webinar software allows you to embed your webinars directly into landing pages with ease, in turn ensuring seamless integration with your marketing automation campaigns.

Making webinar production – and management of the resulting rich data – much easier and more effective, it creates an almost constant lead generation process. From cold contact to upselling, it's a positive circle that all businesses can utilise to grow expontentially.

Want to discover more about the benefits of running webinars and embedding them into your marketing automation landing pages? Check out our free trial of Present+.

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