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4 Social Platforms Your Business Isn't Using, But Should Be!

Matt Tobin
08-Nov-2017 08:30:00

Most businesses have the obligatory Facebook page and Twitter account.

It’s pretty much become standard practice in the last decade or so for any organisation to have at least some presence on social media.

But, believe it or not, there is a world beyond those two giant social platforms!

Many businesses are diversifying their social media operations and using alternative networks to build their brands.

By doing so, they’re reaching a whole new audience, and your business could be too!

That’s why we thought about a few different social channels, each with their own unique formats, that businesses should seriously think about creating an account on.

Now, we all know about LinkedIn & Google+, as they’re traditionally mediums that organisations are active on.

But, how about:

  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram


  • Whatsapp

as social networks for your business?

Before you go off researching how you can reap the benefits of showcasing your business on these channels, here’s a quick fire infographic, that'll give you a little hint of what these four exciting social networks can offer!

4 Social Networks Infographic.jpg

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