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People are bombarded with marketing messages every single day of their lives.

  • Buy this
  • Sell that
  • Watch this
  • Do that

It’s relentless (a bit rich coming from a marketer, I know).

And although it might seem like there’s never been a better time to be a marketer, the reality is:

It’s never been easier for content that we release to get lost in the shuffle!

If you’re responsible for the marketing and promotion of a webinar by your company, or you’re the one in charge of the entire operation, you’ll know that having a fantastic event title can be the difference between a great show or a complete no-show.

We at WorkCast know a lot about online event promotion, so we’ve come up with a quickfire infographic to give you the 5 most effective tips to optimise your webinar title.

Nothing fancy or in-depth, just 5 simple ways you can improve your webinar marketing and increase that all-encompassing conversion rate!

See what you think:

5 Ways to Optimise Your Webinar Title.jpg

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