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7 Ways To Turn Visitors Into Customers With Video

Maria Milea
03-Apr-2018 16:20:27

It’s no secret that video content is now a crucial medium for communication. Video is becoming increasingly more accessible for users, due to the sophistication of smartphones and the ease of video viewing and publishing on social media.

For marketers and retailers, video represents a great opportunity to engage consumers and convert customers. We look at the different tactics retailers can use to maximise the power of video content, with these 
7 Ways to Turn Visitors into Customers with Video:


1. Brand storytelling

Storytelling marketing has taken off in recent years, with businesses wanting to show the characters behind their brand and the “why” behind their products and services. Whether it’s a storytelling videos for website pages or regular brand storytelling on social media, such as Instagram Stories, these kind videos can really engage and inspire consumers and can help you build a loyal tribe.


2. Unboxing videos

User-generated content is an effective way to boost conversions in ecommerce, as the more information about products you give people, the easier the decision-making process. Video content is useful on product pages for enabling visitors to visualise how a product would look, feel or sound like in real life and upon delivery.

Unboxing videos can be that extra nudge to convince browsers into making a purchase.


UrAvgConsumer doing a massive tech unboxing on YouTube.

3. How-to videos and tutorials

There are lots of reasons to create short videos to add to product pages or social media posts, in which you can explain more about a product, offer tips for using the products or show the products in action. Similar to the effect of unboxing videos, how-to videos and video tutorials can really help consumer decision-making and convince people about product suitability.


4. Create, sponsor or guest on webinars

No matter what industry your brand resides in, there will be thought-leaders, experts or inspirational characters within your business who are suitable for appearing on webinar events, which might help your customers to understand more about your brand, products or even just about the industry.

Your webinars may have a live video feed in which you can leverage for visual impact and, after the event, you can make the video recording available by sending a link to attendees via email or embed the content on your website.



5. Leveraging the power of influencers

Influencer marketing is really effective for helping to transform the impact of your brand and products. And using influencers for retail video content curation is a match made in heaven. This is particularly relevant to certain industries, such as fashion and beauty, where personalities or micro-influencers can endorse your products, either due to the weight of their following or the authenticity of their voice. This does not mean that if your company is B2B you can't benefit of some 'influencer help'. All that you have to do is find the right influencer in your niche. 


American Express working with top instagrammers to promote their Platinum card.

Influencers add valuable social proof to your products and also help to significantly increase the reach of your content and products.

6. Live video broadcasting

The age of live video is well and truly here, with brands, celebrities and everyday people streaming and broadcasting live to social media channels and on websites, sharing all manner of news and content. For retailers and ecommerce business, live video can be a way to build buzz about a product launch, to announce a promotion or competition, or anything really that could entice and engage followers and customers to visit your website or make a purchase.



The instant, timely nature of live video can really be effective, whilst social networks’ algorithms look fondly upon live video broadcasting.


7. Testimonial videos

A tried and tested use of video in marketing and retail is testimonials. What better way to convince visitors to convert on your website than with advocates providing testimonial quotes?


Watch the testimonial here

And what better way to create authenticity than recording customers endorsing your brand and products and adding video testimonials to your website and marketing channels? Enough said!



We hope this blog post has helped to inspire your content strategy and demonstrated some of the great ways to engage your audience with video and give consumers a reason to convert or come back to your store! To learn more about ecommerce strategy and performance, take a look at the latest ecommerce performance guide by Space 48!

Get creating more video content and start enhancing your performance!

Also, if you want to learn more about video and ecommerce best practices take a look at one of our recent webinars “How to Create a Rock-Solid Customer Retention Strategy for Ecommerce” with Tom Robertshaw, who is an Ecommerce Evangelist at Space 48 and a leading ecommerce expert! 


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