8 Go-To Resources To Create Engaging Webinar Content

Melissa Hugel
22-Mar-2019 10:30:45


When it comes to creating amazing webinar content, there is a lot of advice out there. However, when you get down to it, it can be confusing to know how exactly to put that content together.

I’ve found that putting together a kind-of webinar ‘toolbox’ - tools, apps, and websites - makes it easier to tackle the different aspects of webinar creation.

Here are a few of my favourites to get you started:


evernote logo

When putting together webinar content, people often skip right to the juicy stuff - the visuals, videos and polls. In skipping ahead, they’re missing the most important step - the planning.

I’ve written before how a good webinar is part of a comprehensive programme, not just a one off tactic. One of the best tools for planning campaigns and staying organised is Evernote. Evernote is an app that lets you create and easily capture notes, photos, and develop marketing plans.

Features include to-do lists, template building, reporting and so much more. Here’s a great summary of its features, but when it comes to webinar programmes, Evernote allows you to keep all your plans, draft content, and tasks in one easily accessible place.



Trello is another great tool for the planning stages of your webinar. Trello is a visual planning tool with a number of great uses, especially when it comes to planning a webinar campaign.

All webinar campaigns are collaborative, whether that’s working with guest speakers or your sales team to invite key clients. But with so many people involved, it can sometimes be a logistical nightmare. Who is supposed to do what and when? Did so-and-so actually finish doing those slides? When is the webinar pre-record?

With Trello, you can keep everyone on track by assigning cards and tasks to them. These tasks can include due dates, be edited, and visible to all involved, making sure everyone is aware of the webinar stage and you’re getting the best out of your team.


google logo

Ok, so this may seem quite basic, but when it comes to creating content for your webinar, Google is your friend. You may be an expert in your field, but Google can provide you with excellent insight into what people in your industry are talking about, what potential customers are searching for, and what  your competition may have written about the subject your approaching.

Use Google early and often to make sure you know what’s going on in your industry so you can identify the gaps and position yourself as an expert on the right topics. There’s nothing worse than putting together a presentation that’s awesome but completely irrelevant to your target audience.



The second worst thing? When that amazing presentation is riddled with grammar errors. It can leave people remembering your misplaced ‘their’ or ‘you’re’ rather than the the awesome content you put together.

I know not everyone has perfect grammar or access to a quality proofreader, especially smaller businesses and entrepreneurs. Grammarly is a great resource for anyone who needs a second pair of eyes to ensure their content is spot on.

What is it? Grammarly is an online app used to check spelling and grammar in your writing. You can add directly to Chrome and it will check your content in real time, that way you can be sure the content you’re sending out to your audience is perfect.


powerpoint logo

PowerPoint for webinars has become ubiquitous, and there’s a reason for that. A great webinar slide deck is a game changer.

PowerPoint is the way in which your audience is going to interact with your content, above and beyond your audio. Using PowerPoint properly will give your webinar a visual pop and allow your audience to consume your awesome content more effectively. Here are a few tips for using PowerPoint properly.

  • Make sure your title slide is clear and visually appealing
  • Avoid small font: your audience needs to be able to read it, even a smaller screen
  • Don’t overload your slides with content. Less is more is a cliche for a reason
  • Animations are ok, but sparingly. Not every slide needs a starwipe (we are not in the 90s anymore)
  • Keep it simple and consistent, making it easy to follow! 


canva-logo pic

Sometimes you need something a little more spark than PowerPoint - say to promote your webinar on social media or design a bespoke infographic - but not every marketing team has access to a dedicated design resource.

Canva is a great tool that can help you with the majority of your design needs. We use it for everything from social media posts to eBook covers and more. The best thing is, they have a free option that gives you access to most of their resources.

But if you have a bit of budget, you can access their premium tier where you can get access to their design school and even build a brand kit so you know everything you share is on-brand and on message.



One of the most important elements of good content is good imagery. While there are a number of stock image websites out there, a lot of them are expensive and the affordable ones are quite frankly, not all that good.

PIxaBay is a very well stocked, free stock photo website. It has a great selection of images for any industry, and even provides you access to illustrations and other images. If you’re constrained by budget or just want another resource at your disposal, check it out. (Pexels is another great option too).



There are a lot of great marketing automation platforms out there, and many of them will have similar functionality to Hubspot, but at WorkCast we’ve found the HubSpot webinar integration second-to-none.

Webinars integrated with HubSpot allow users to create entire webinar workflows directly in the HubSpot platform in just a couple of clicks. Registration and confirmation pages, emails, and calendar files are automatically created.

You can also broadcast live directly to a HubSpot page and create on-demand recordings directly in the same page. This means that your audience has a seamless brand experience, because the webinar pages are essentially landing pages.

So investing in marketing automation software that seamlessly integrates with your webinar platform will make your life a lot easier!

*Bonus Tool: WorkCast

WorkCast logo good

Ok, I would be remiss if I didn’t bring WorkCast into the mix here. However, when it comes to creating awesome webinar content you should make sure your platform has the responsiveness and functionality to meet your requirements.

What are the platform’s branding options? Does the platform support embedded video? Is there the option for an on-demand recording?

All of these elements will dictate what content you create and ultimately how it will be consumed.  A platform like WorkCast provides you the enhanced functionality to allow you to create whatever content your heart (or business plan) desires.

How? Well, WorkCast was created with video in mind. The technology we use means that you can embed video in your presentation, stream your events to any device, and a lot more.

And remember how I mentioned branding above? A platform like WorkCast allows you to create a great brand experience. You wouldn’t be content with a dull grey environment with your logo slapped on the template, because it would affect audience experience and engagement.

Your platform should work for you and your content, not the other way around.

For more great tips and tricks on how to create amazing webinar content, download our free ebook. 

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