An Englishman in Seattle - 10 Things I Took From My US Trip

Lee Farthing
07-Mar-2019 11:07:00

It was great to spend some time in the WorkCast Seattle office in February and work alongside the fantastic teams we have there. Here are my top 10 takeaways from my time, which included some great weekend road trips with my Seattle colleagues.

1. We have a great team in Seattle!


It was great to spend time with the new business, customer success and event delivery teams in Seattle. The teams work great together, and with the European offices, creating something special in the heart of Seattle.

2. I'll have the crab, crab and the crab please!


Ok, so when I found 'The Crab Pot' by Seattle waterfront and realised they were once featured on the TV series 'Man v Food' I knew something special could happen here! Three visits and one t-shirt later, boy do I miss that place. King crab, Dungeness crab and Snow crab were on the menu on all three occasions.

3. It's fantastic to be in the same company as AWS


With the WorkCast infrastructure being hosted on AWS, and the launch of WorkCast Stratus, the most powerful webinar platform on the market, it was great to take a look around Amazon HQ as a customer. The Spheres also look fantastic and are a place where Amazon employees can think and work differently surrounded by plants.

4. Bainbridge Island - a little piece of quiet


It's great exploring a busy city like Seattle but getting away from the hustle of the city to the lovely Bainbridge Island not only provided great city views back to Seattle, but some lovely quiet spots for some peaceful walks and photography opportunities.

5. Team road trip to Vancouver


Myself, Daniel and Nina enjoyed a great road trip to Vancouver where we walked the Capilano suspension bridge, took in the Cleveland Dam, visited Stanley Park and enjoyed some great food on the evening.

6. It's all about the Baseball, American Football and 'Soccer'


With baseball and American football out of season during my visit my options were limited with taking in sporting events. The Seattle Sounders soccer team did have a pre-season friendly I was able to go to - CenturyLink Field was a pretty impressive stadium.

7. Snoqualmie Falls Park is worth a visit


A beautiful waterfall with hiking to the river below where there was still snow on the ground, it was quite a cold river to lose your footing jumping around on the rocks!

8. A sushi master class


Myself and Daniel enjoyed a meal made by chef Shiro Kashiba, 'Sushi Sensei' of Seattle, at Sushi Kashiba which was a fantastic experience.

9. Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum


A great selection of glass both in the museum and gardens, with some great views of the Space Needle.

10. The cake is good!


Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery in Capitol Hill was a rustic-chic sweet shop for homemade molten cakes and was great for all types of deserts.


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