Are You Focusing on the Wrong Marketing Metrics? (Infographic)

Matt Tobin
30-Aug-2017 10:42:37

Conversion Rates, Downloads, Sales Figures, Volume of Traffic…

As marketers, inevitably, these are the facts, figures and numbers that our success is judged upon, when it comes to online business.

We have to constantly focus on the online marketing metrics that make visitors convert into customers, and dedicate time to improving them.


  • Which ones should we pay attention to?
  • What are the differences between certain metrics?
  • Which steps do your customers go through before converting?

All can be revealed in SaleCycle & WorkCast’s latest webinar: Are You Focusing on the Wrong Marketing Metrics?

  • Want to learn how to focus on the metrics that are truly important for your business?
  • Perhaps understand the differences between ‘macro’ & ‘micro’ conversions?
  • Or what about looking at some real-life examples from world-renowned brands you know and love?

Learn how to spot bad metrics and how to make your marketing metrics work for you, by joining Chris Sheen from SaleCycle and Barney Brown from WorkCast for this free, educational webinar!

Take a look at the preview infographic below, and if you want to view the webinar in its entirety, simply click on the image!

Marketing Metrics.jpg

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