Katherine Hamilton

Katherine studied at Queen's University Belfast graduating with a BA(Hons) in English, in 2011, and an MA in English: Modern Literary Studies, in 2012. Since then she has been putting her studies to good use developing her career in Content Marketing. She joined the WorkCast team in 2015 as the Content Marketing Executive.

Posts By Katherine Hamilton

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Katherine Hamilton   |     22, Nov 2016

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Katherine Hamilton   |     20, Sep 2016

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Katherine Hamilton   |     26, Apr 2016

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Katherine Hamilton   |     22, Mar 2016

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Katherine Hamilton   |     16, Feb 2016

5 Webinar Worries and How to Solve Them

Katherine Hamilton   |     01, Dec 2015

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Katherine Hamilton   |     29, Sep 2015

How To Get More From Your Webinar Presen...

Katherine Hamilton   |     01, Sep 2015

Webinars at The Heart of B2B Content Mar...

Katherine Hamilton   |     17, Mar 2015

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