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Does One Size Fit All With Webinar Providers?

Matt Tobin
24-Oct-2017 15:28:17

What works for one, doesn't work for the other.

One person's junk, is another person's treasure.

Okay, enough with the mildly philosophical quotes, you get the picture!

With webinars, every organisation has differing ambitions and motives for running them.

Therefore, they require different things from their platform, in order to make their event special!

In this blog, we’re going to explore whether there is a one-size fits all solution for three different styles of webinar …

  • Commercial
  • Educational
  • Meeting-Based

… hopefully showing you how different needs for different webinars all need to be catered for by an online event platform!

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Commercial webinars tend to have, you guessed it, commercial-based goals, such as Lead Generation, Revenue Growth etc.

To achieve eventual conversions of their event audience, their webinars need a variety of content, in order to project their business and brand onto the audience, engaging them to eventually become a customer.

So, we’d say they need two particular things from their webinar platform, in order to hit their targets:

  • Rich Media & Multimedia Content


  • Event Branding Options

The ability to include rich media & multimedia content covers the engaging range of content target, as elements like HD Images, Embedded & Live Video, can create a more all-rounded event experience.

Essentially, this is exactly what many companies running commercial webinars need in order to get the audience excited about their brand!

Similarly, branding is also important in order to present a good impression of your business, through an online event experience.

A platform that facilitates branding of all webinar materials (Emails, Environment, Slides etc.) will help add a sense of professionalism, giving viewers a real taste of the organisation.

So, you get a rough idea of what commercial webinar organisers require from their event provider!

Now, let’s discover a less monetary aim for online events!


Educational events are a little different in their demands and end-goals, as lead and revenue generation are of no real importance, in most situations.

Organisers are far more concerned with audience engagement and conveying information that educates them, imploring them to attend.

Sometimes, academic institutions even use webinars for accreditation purposes, such as student testing or awarding of credits/qualifications.

So, in particular, we again find two particular needs for educational event facilitators:

  • Working Without Plugins/Zero Reliance on Flash


  • Online Certifications & CPD

Educational webinars need to remove all barriers to participation in order to keep those attendance rates high!

So, a platform that allows events to be viewed on all devices, regardless of how old or new, is an absolute necessity.

This means no plugins required to enter the event and zero reliance on outdated Flash technologies, otherwise, there are some significant barriers to attendance for students hoping to view important seminars!

And, as mentioned previously, the platform must be able to facilitate the granting of accreditations and qualifications, especially if the client is a college or university wishing to start using online events as part of the courses they offer.

Clearly, educational webinars pose a whole new challenge for providers to match up against!

Finally, let’s explore the last style on our list!


Meeting-based webinars can take many forms, including product updates, internal briefings or external meetings with shareholders/stakeholders.

The goals for these type of online events range from being able to display data-driven content, in the way it was originally created in PowerPoint.

And, the inclusion of interactive features, facilitating debate between the audience themselves, and those presenting.

Similar to the previous two webinar types, we see two vitally important platform features required:

  • Unlimited Polls & Result Graphs


  • Moderated Attendee Chat

Including polls and result graphs, with no limitations on their number, companies can gauge what those in attendance feel about proceedings and what is being discussed.

Essentially, this is the whole point of having a meeting! So a webinar provider must have this capability in order for the organiser to gather some real opinions from the audience!

Meeting-based events also absolutely have to have a channel of communication between the audience and the moderators/speakers.

If there isn’t a two-way dialogue, then the entire purpose behind holding a meeting-based webinar becomes obsolete!

Having a platform that includes a Live Chat feature in the event environment creates such a vehicle for communication.


So, is there a solution that fits all webinars?

We certainly believe so, but, you won’t find it with every provider out there!

The WorkCast platform, however, offers a versatile online event solution, with many diverse features that can benefit a whole range of webinar types!

Still a little unsure? Take a look at our comparison chart to see exactly what we have to offer when compared to an alternative!

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