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Melissa Hugel
08-May-2019 10:30:00

At WorkCast, our people are at the centre of everything we do - and we have some pretty amazing people! From developers to event managers to marketers and beyond, Team WorkCast is what makes us not only a great webinar platform, but a great company and we want to share the stories of the people behind the magic!

In the first of spotlight series, we talk to new starter, Lauren Poole, who joined WorkCast as a Digital Marketing Specialist in March 2019. Tasked with all things digital, Lauren’s focus is increasing marketing qualified leads by creating engaging campaign content.

Employee spotlight - Lauren Intro

Hi Lauren, can you begin by telling us about yourself and what you do at WorkCast?

Absolutely, I’ve worked in marketing for three years specialising in digital comms. I recently moved to Edinburgh from Bristol, and am loving experiencing a new city! Career-wise, I was also looking for a change to utilise my creative skillset and work somewhere I could measure tangible ROI. WorkCast offered a combination of both those things!

My role at WorkCast is very varied, no day is the same! Whether it is developing workflows to nurture customers, to curating webinar content or working with the sales team to create topical campaign content. There is a lot of appetite to grow so I am excited by the prospect of supporting WorkCast’s ambitions by developing good looking marketing material! Most recently, the most fun task I've had is creating GIFs of all the team members. 

Lauren GIF example

What do you like most about WorkCast webinars?

What I like about WorkCast is the endless branding and template opportunities! Having used other webinar platforms in the past I have never been overwhelmed with the design of landing pages, I found them dated and rigid, so I was really excited to see multiple template options here at WorkCast.

I think providing good looking branded webinars is so important to help create a memorable experience for registrants, as well as reinforce brand awareness. 

How do you define webinar success?

For me, webinar success is it’s all about the engagement! Measuring how many participated in your poll, how many questions have been asked or how many downloaded the resources, will tell you how engaged your audience is. 

Thanks Lauren, now, let’s get personal. What are you currently reading, listening and watching?

I am currently reading How to Fail - Elizabeth Day, a really funny memoir dedicated to celebrating failures. I have just finished watching Fleabag on BBC and absolutely loved it, so I am now listening to every podcast that features Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag creator and star) to get a bit of the show back!

What’s the best advice you were ever given?

To embrace the Joy of Missing Out, otherwise known as JOMO! While I was a suffer of Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) for years, I have recently taken so much pleasure in opting to stay in on a Friday night rather than going to the pub. Don’t get me wrong I still regularly enjoy a trip to the pub, but I do relish in saying no to those outings when all you secretly want to do is eat chocolate and binge watch a Netflix series (for the thousandth time) for some much needed me  time!

And finally, if you were an animal, what would it be and why?

If I were an animal I’d be Koala because I’d love to just sleep and eat all day!

Thanks for chatting to us Lauren, stay tuned for our next employee spotlight.

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