How To Engage 5 Times More Students, With Virtual Open Houses

Matt Tobin
26-Jun-2017 16:36:05

Students heading off to college and university have a wealth of choices when it comes to academic institutions.

It’s very easy for certain colleges to get lost in the shuffle, especially when there’s so much competition to attract new students.

Virtual Open Houses/Days, however, can go a long way to ensuring a university emphasises exactly what they can offer. Plus, they’re extremely effective at engaging prospective enrollees!

Here’s how:

-- Note, the variations in Open Houses and Days are simply a matter of US and UK spelling (color vs colour…), they’re the same concept! --


They Remove Barriers To Participation

Yes, barriers to participation is generally a sport-related term, but it’s applicable here;

Virtual Open Houses help remove any blocks that prevent people from viewing.

Physical Open Days tie people into tuning in on a specific date and time.

Now if that’s inconvenient for a certain student and their family to attend, an institution loses out on the chance to impress them.

Virtual Open Days are set for a certain date and time, but, their ability to be uploaded On Demand afterwards, means anyone is free to attend, anytime.

Not only does this increase the potential audience, but also prospective leads.

International Students Can Attend, From Anywhere

Speaking of broadening an audience, Open Houses allow international students to attend; from anywhere across the world!

With many existing international student markets, such as China and South Korea, and also many emerging nations like Brazil and Turkey, there is an opportunity for universities to expand their global reach.

Virtual Open Days are essential for people currently considering studying abroad.

Events like these can give a flavour of what the college is like (campus, prospectuses etc.) and what it can offer them.

And, once again, the fact that the Open House can be kept online, On Demand, means an institution can be mindful of different time zones.

So global viewers aren’t inconvenienced by having to attend at an unsuitable hour!

Live Chat Creates Real-Time Interactions

For many students, heading off to university carries a lot of concerns and issues.

It’s natural, as moving away from home to somewhere possibly far away, for the first time, can be very stressful.

Virtual Open Days have a Live Chat feature installed, allowing those attending the event the opportunity to allay any worries they may have, by chatting to a representative of the university.

Building trust at this stage is crucial, and Virtual Open Houses allow colleges to engage with both students and their parents, on a personal level.

Analytics, Post-Event, Help Future Targeting

Targeting future enrollees is a lot easier when a college has a better understanding of the market they’re trying to tap into.

Statistics about those attending can be obtained, post-event, through the reporting feature in our platform.

These range from volume and traffic, to viewing figures and demographics.

Getting a better picture of what happened during the Live event and On Demand, allows for easier targeting of potential attendees for future Open Days.

Was it a mostly international audience? Or was it more mature students viewing? What content were they most interested in?

These questions can be answered by looking at post-event reports!

Virtual Tours, Presentations, Q&As etc. etc.

Finally, Virtual Open Houses give viewers a full flavour of what it’s like to actually be on campus, without having to travel there!

Virtual Tours are a fabulous way to visualise the university.

It’s all well and good describing what facilities are in the various buildings dotted around the college, but nothing really beats actually seeing what the facilities look like.

Especially useful for international students, virtual aspects such as tours can help with decision-making, when it comes to applying and accepting offers of study.

Presentations and Q&A sessions are other interactive features of Virtual Open Days that really make the whole user experience more engaging, increasing the chances of attracting more students that might just make an institution their number one choice!

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