How to Drive Student Applications With Virtual Open Houses Infographic

Matt Tobin
07-Sep-2017 09:48:03

In 2014, the cap on university student numbers (in the UK) was removed, leading to record figures of students participating in higher education, the following year.

Each of those students had to go through the process of searching for the perfect institution to suit their future ambitions.

They wanted to choose the right:

  • Campus
  • City
  • Course
  • Lecturers

How did they obtain this information?

They looked at the materials the university had on offer on their respective websites.

You know, the usual stuff, prospectuses, social accounts, image galleries, even external forums etc.

Sometimes, they’ll go one step further and make a visit to their prospective campus on an Open Day.

But, there are some downsides to attending a physical event:

  • Travelling across a good chunk of the country isn't cheap! Especially as when you're still studying!
  • Parents might like to come along too, but can’t get the time off work.
  • Prospective attendees might be living abroad too, making it difficult and expensive to pay the university a visit.

There is, however, a way to interact with those students who fall into the above bracket;

Virtual Open Houses

They’re cost-effective ways of reaching vast amounts of prospective applicants, who can access this “Virtual Environment” you create, from the comfort of their own home!

We’ve seen the benefits that colleges/universities have experienced through using Virtual Open Houses, and we want you and your institution to reap those rewards too!

Our latest webinar; How To Drive Student Applications Using Virtual Open Houses, explores:

  • Why colleges/universities worldwide are adopting Virtual Open Houses as part of their recruitment strategy
  • The benefits of this wonderful technology
  • The science behind planning a Virtual Open Houses

         and finally...

  • What resources you need to make your event a complete success!

Our very own Chris Darch & Barney Brown are here to offer expert analysis and insight, into what makes this technology so influential at driving student applications!

Take a look at our preview infographic below for just a few of the fundamentals!

Want to view the webinar?

Simply click anywhere on the below infographic and you’ll be taken to the landing page!

Student Application Open Houses FINAL.jpg

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