How To Promote Webinars Using Social Media

Matt Tobin
19-Jul-2017 09:07:43

Social Media and Webinars = A match made in marketing heaven.

When used correctly, social media can become an indispensable tool for your organisation.

Especially when you’ve got a big event coming up!

Let’s get straight into it; what are the essentials for promoting webinars using social media?


Who Are Your Audience?

Recognising who your target audience is, is vital, as it’ll determine which social platforms you actually use for the promotional campaign!

Here’s a helpful example;

If you’re looking at attracting a mainly business-professional attendee base for your seminar on Financial Regulations, use LinkedIn to promote your presentation.

Conversely, if you’re a college running an academic event such as a virtual open house, post on Twitter and Instagram to target a younger demographic.

Be smart with your targeting and try to use a mix of social networks to obtain the best results.

That way, you’re ensuring the maximum coverage possible and you can at least say at the end of the event, that your campaign exhausted every possible avenue!

Spruce Up Your Profiles

Whenever someone visits your company website, the first things they see will create their impression of your business!

Give off a positive vibe with vibrant colours, well ordered site navigations and informative text, and you’ll impress them.

Have a bland, clunky and unorganised page, and they’ll visit elsewhere.

The same principles should be applied to your social channels.

Your company profiles need to be looking sharp anyway, but especially before you begin a webinar promotion campaign where they’ll be in sharp focus.

Upload the latest company logos, update the images you use for banners and cover photos, create a new About You paragraph, little things like that.

What’s Your Content?

Uninspiring social posts can easily get lost in the crowded shuffle of business-related Tweets and Status Updates!

To improve the chances of your webinar event posts being given a second-glance by those you’re connected with, use simple things like:

  • Bright, eye-catching images
  • Links to registration pages
  • Short, snappy text
  • Videos related to the event

Utilise the full range of content you have to draw people in and hopefully convert them to registrants!

It’s at this stage that serious thought should be put into what content you’re pushing on social for your webinar.

Example; Would short videos from someone, say the presenter, encouraging people to sign up and tune in, drive more registrations?

Whatever your decision, just make sure that you include vital details such as start time and date!

Create A Schedule

Scheduling helps keep your promotional campaign on track and organised!

Before posting anything, devise a plan to schedule posts for certain days in the run up to your event. I.e. Gradually building the amount of posts up as the webinar date gets closer.

Why? Because although being spontaneous and natural with your posts when you have a little inspiration sounds like a good idea, it can quickly become muddled with posts perhaps not occurring on days when you either don’t have chance to tweet or forget to post.

Using a social media scheduling tool such as Buffer or Hootsuite allows you to schedule posts and track their performance.

This way, you’re keeping a handle on what posts are going out, plus you can see how successful they are at different points of your campaign.

Grow It Organically

Social media allows your event to grow organically, when promoted in the correct way!

The great thing about it, is that if something just so happens to interest people, it’s incredibly easy for them to share it, influencing and interesting other people.

From there, a post can snowball and people’s curiosity in it can grow naturally.

If your content is exciting, speaker is influential, posts are interesting, (or all three if you’re lucky!) then it can flourish on social media.

Taking a sideways step, facilitate this growth! In any reminder emails or webinar-related emails, add social share buttons so recipients can share it on their profiles.

It’s free marketing! Don’t miss out on it.

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