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How To Effectively Use Videos In Webinars To Make An Impact

Matt Tobin
26-Jul-2017 10:58:35

It might feel like we’re preaching the gospel of video in webinars all too often, but there’s a reason for that; It’s one of the most effective ways to engage your audience!

And, as we’ll explore in this blog, it’s impact isn’t just restricted to the event itself.

There is a purpose for video, throughout the process:

  • Pre/During Registration
  • During Webinar


  • Post Webinar

Let’s look at these three stages and the impact videos can have during them!

videos in webinars

Pre-Registration/Registration Impact

There’s a reason why trailers are so effective at getting cinemagoers excited about future releases.

They tease the audience with the action they can expect in the film and build anticipation for its eventual release.

For an effective registration phase of your webinar, apply the same concept!

Placement of videos on landing pages, invitation emails and company websites, all with the purpose of promoting your event, are a practical way to drive registrations and use the content.

Keep the clips relatively short. 30 seconds will easily suffice, as you don’t want to give away too much, just enough to pique the interest of those viewing your email or landing page.

Including shorter clips means they’re more palatable for the audience and the chances of them viewing the whole video are dramatically increased!

Quick tip on how to actually get people to view the video; Place a play button over the video and choose an interesting screenshot of the video to display.

This’ll increase the chance of a viewer's curiosity getting the better of them, and them clicking to view the content!

During Webinar Impact

As we’ve already extolled the effectiveness of using videos within your webinar, we’ll not dwell too long on this section.

But, long enough to reaffirm how much impact they can have on your content!

Using video clips that are either:

  • Relevant to the content & subjects being discussed


  • Can illustrate your point better than speaking about it

are extremely welcome to those watching your session.

They can break up lengthy spells of speaking or consecutive slides filled with bullets and text, and still contribute to achieving the overall objectives for your event.

Clips with audio, be it music or speech, are a good way to ensure the audience give your webinar their full attention!

Word of warning, however, don’t use them too much.

Overusing video clips within an event can lead to a disconnect with the audience.

End of the day, they’re there to listen and watch you and your content, so don’t include too many external videos, otherwise you risk them switching off!

Post-Event Impact

Though not strictly using videos within webinars to make a mark, we felt we had to mention how videos, in a way, can have an impact post-event.

Continuing to drive traffic towards an existing session that has been uploaded On Demand, is a challenge for any company.

Videos can assist in helping to draw new viewers towards that content.

What kind of videos? Well, they can be anything relatable really.

They could be the teaser clips that you’ve already created, or you could include clips from your webinar, providing they are of sufficient quality!

How to use these videos? Again, it depends. Be it in a similar capacity as the registration process, by including clips in emails to your customer database, or placing them in prominent positions on your website.

All that matters is that they are being used to continue generating registrations!


Videos can definitely have a huge impact on the entire webinar process, from start to finish.

But, it’s a case of knowing when, where and how to use them, if you want to ensure their maximum effectiveness with your audience!

Take home points from this blog?

  • Tease the audience beforehand with video content from your blog
  • Use vibrant, relevant videos during your webinar to engage the audience
  • Harvest HQ video clips from your event to drive registrations, post-event :)

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