How Webinars Can Revolutionise Your Internal Communications

Dan Horne
26-Jun-2019 12:00:00

When you say the word webinar, many people automatically think lead generation, and why not? They are a great tool for getting your company’s message to potential customers and driving interest in what you have to offer.

Indeed, many of our customers have successfully used WorkCast for this very purpose, driving their company growth through webinars, webcasts and virtual events.

But, online events are such a versatile medium - there are so many other ways to use them effectively. One thing I’ve noticed in speaking with customers, new and existing, is that many of the challenges they face come from internal communication issues.

While they can identify the issue, many struggle to come up with ways of mitigating it, and one of the major casualties of this can be employee engagement.

Employees are the heart and soul of a company, it could not operate without them. So what can you do to ensure yours stay informed, in the loop, and most importantly, engaged?

I have taken a look at some of the internal communication challenges you might be facing, and will look at why online events could be the solution.

Challenge: Communication & Keeping Focus

Jordan Peele Focus WorkCast

The most successful organisations operate in harmony, with every employee focused on achieving one clear goal and operating as a unit. And yet, it is often the case that company information is held amongst the few and not shared with the many.

Leaders have an obligation to lead (it’s in the job title!), but they also need to remember to give the little guy a voice, and most importantly, listen to that voice. Communication is a two-way street!

Online events allow you to gather everyone in a single virtual place, and share important information in a clear, concise and engaging manner, be it celebrating success or constructive guidelines on how to improve as a business. This will ensure they feel involved and trusted, and most importantly valued as a vital member of the overall team.

But remember, communication is key, and it works both ways. If you simply talk at them, it isn’t a discussion, it’s a lecture.

This is why interactivity is so important with any webinar platform, including WorkCast. Through polls, Q&A, and integrated chat, platforms like WorkCast can give attendees a voice, and make it simple and easy for those in charge to hear what their employees are saying.

Whether you want to answer in real time, one-to-one at a later date, or even have questions submitted ahead of your webinar to inform your content, webinars build those intercompany relationships through valuable discussions.

Challenge: Getting Everyone Together

Obama Come together WorkCast
Do you promote flexible working? Allow your staff to work remotely and from home? Ensure a healthy work life balance for your people? If so, then congratulations. Sincerely. This is a hot topic right now, and more and more companies are waking up to the idea that the traditional office based 9-5 is less viable in today’s society.

The problem is, you end up with everybody spread across different post codes, time zones and shift patterns. How can you get everyone back together to share important internal communications?

Trying to do this physically can be nigh on impossible, a complete logistical nightmare. But how else can you share vital information with everyone involved? Email chains are often the accepted answer, but these are impersonal, bland, lacking engagement, and you’ll spend more time chasing unread messages that ‘must have gone in the junk folder’ than is feasible.

With the webinar anyone can access your content at any one time. From the comfort of their own home, from the city where today’s meetings happen to be taking place, on the train/plane/bus getting them there.

Even the millennials, who operate entirely out of the iPhone, can join you for your webinars from wherever they are in the world in the palm of their hand. Nobody gets forgotten, missed out, or has to play catch up.

Challenge: Accessibility

Remember, these people are busy making your company tick, they can’t be wasting time with confusing downloads, connection and audio problems, and the plug in that shall not be named (I’m looking at you Flash).

If you make it difficult for your people to take part, hear what you’re saying, and voice their own opinions, then you’re shooting yourself in the foot and putting needless blockers in place.

Webinars can be the solution, but only if your webinar platform has taken this into consideration. More than a few still rely on flash and annoying downloads. This is why we’ve built the WorkCast platform to be entirely cloud-based, hosted on Amazon’s AWS, making it robust, reliable, and most importantly not reliant on plug ins and downloads. For your employees, it’s click and go, easy and straightforward. No barriers, no interruptions.

Challenge: Measuring Success

Jeff Goldblum Success WorkCast
We’ve spoken many times in our blog about measuring the success of your webinars, and when it comes to the success of those for internal comms, tracking what does and what doesn’t work is just as essential. If parts of your content aren’t hitting home and engaging your audience as they should, you need to know so you can change it up.

Things like how many employees are you reaching and are they the right ones? How much are employees engaged with the information that reaches them, how can you do things differently next time? These are vital to keep your content fresh and engaging.

Webinar platforms like WorkCast pull all of this information together for you. Real time analytics and comprehensive reporting data mean you can identify the hottest trends.

You can track what content is a topic of Q&A, and how this corresponds to different job roles and departments, how polls are answered to show trends in opinion, even how each employee is signing in to get involved. Whatever you need to know, we can help to provide you with data to make informed decisions.

So if you’re using webinars as part of your lead generation strategy, you may want to think about how they can help you revolutionise your internal communications too!


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