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Recycle Your Content For Social Media

Matt Tobin
07-Aug-2017 11:23:28

You’d think that after your webinar has concluded, that that’s it as far as its lifespan is concerned.

Off it goes to the bottom of the pile, doomed to sit in My Documents for an eternity...

Not necessarily so!

You can revitalise the content within your webinar and reuse for all sorts of purposes. One such function, is for social media.

There are so many options to recycle your content for social, here are four of our top picks!

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We’d hazard a guess that when it comes to work-based subjects, a lot of people would prefer to look at vibrant, but also informative graphical elements like:

  • Bar Charts
  • Graphs


  • Pie Charts

are all more appealing ways to present information, than large chunks of text.

They’re also especially useful for social media posts.

By taking snippets from your webinar and repackaging them in graphical form, you can present your content in a whole new format, to a whole new audience.

If you make them as colourful and, importantly, as eye-catching as possible, you increase the chances of your data being seen and potentially shared on social.

You might even gain a few more like and followers as a consequence!


Acquired around 5 years ago by LinkedIn, SlideShare is a comparatively different route to take when converting webinar content.

But, while it’s alternative, it’s one of the easiest ways to present your event materials to a whole new audience!

It works by directly uploading your presentation slides into the SlideShare platform, where it’s then displayed essentially as a slideshow.

Beware, your slides won’t have audio, so good practice is to insert any audio tidbits into the slides, as text.

While not strictly repurposing your content as such, SlideShare still allows you to target a professional demographic, as opposed to the more casual users you might expect to find on other social channels!


When you conduct a webinar, you’ll automatically receive a video recording of it (with WorkCast of course!).

The theory behind this recycling of content is simple; create short clips from interesting points in your webinar and post them!

If there are certain parts of your webinar that lend themselves to becoming 1-2 minute clips, then you should definitely utilise them on social media.

Their purpose could be to promote future events or continue driving traffic and registrations for that particular event, it’s totally up to you.

Video clips are extremely good at engaging with people via social media. And while your webinar recording might not go viral, you still have a much better chance of connecting with people using video than with many other marketing mediums!


Transcribing can be a pain at times. If you ever had to do it for your job or as part of your degree, you’ll know exactly how much of an annoyance it can be!

But, it can also throw up some rewarding insights and quotes.

And it’s those quotes that you’re looking for on social media to make the maximum impact among your followers.

Of course, the process of transcribing an hour-long webinar can be arduous at best, but, posting a tweet that includes a simple quote from your webinar transcript could pique the interest of someone and make them sign up for your next event. Making the laborious process totally worthwhile for your organisation!

Promoting quotes here and there might get people discussing and thinking about your theories on social media, ensuring your business is being talked about.

So, there’s four ideas to get the creative process started!

Were there any glaring omissions that didn’t make our top four? Let us know in the comments below!

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