Seattle: The Home of Seahawks, coffee...And Now WorkCast

Chris Darch
13-Oct-2015 11:30:00

July saw the official opening of WorkCast’s US office, Chris Darch, fills us in on the launch:

When I first visited Seattle earlier in the year, I knew it was the right place for WorkCast to open our new office.

I’ll admit, I was partially swayed by Seattle’s stunning location, the Pacific Northwest is a truly stunning part of the world. With an instantly recognizable and iconic skyline dominated by the snowcapped Mt Rainier, edged by the Cascade Mountains to one side and deep fjords, mountains, and even a rainforest, on the other, Seattle truly is a product of its geography.

Because of its unique setting Seattle has a very ‘active’ atmosphere, which I couldn’t help be impressed by; Seattleites have every conceivable outdoor pursuit on their doorstep. During our visit I was eagerly researching the local hiking trails and ski-runs whilst our CEO, a kayaking enthusiast in his spare time, was keenly eyeing up some of the kayak shops around Lake Union.

But stunning geography aside, the real reason Seattle stood out as the perfect choice for our US office were the many business benefits.

For a UK based business, like WorkCast, the West Coast location really sealed the deal. It allows us to offer broader coverage, for truly 24/5 support, as 5pm in the UK is 9am in Seattle.



Additionally, opening a new location in the US allows us to build a dedicated team that caters more specifically to our US based clients. Not only does this mean that we can continue to offer the truly ‘golden standard’ of support our clients have come to expect from us, but it also helps us understand the US market in a much more in-depth manner. Something which will only continue to benefit our clients.

Additionally, Seattle is a great tech hub and we felt that the city offered us the opportunity to grow our business out of the glare of the saturated Bay Area.

Besides, when the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, and Boeing call this area home along with hundreds of innovative SaaS start-ups, you know it’s a vibrant and exciting place to do business. We couldn’t wait to open our doors and start business here.

We have ambitious plans for our Seattle office and I certainly look forward to building up the team over here. The combination of experienced and ambitious local employees combined with WorkCast’s client-centric culture is sure to prove a winning formula over the coming weeks and months.

...And the coffee is great too!

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