Team WorkCast's Top Moments of 2018

Melissa Hugel
20-Dec-2018 11:15:59

2018 has been a long year, but it’s also been a great year here at WorkCast. From awesome platform improvements to business growth to some truly outstanding events, Team WorkCast has seen some pretty amazing moments over the past 12 months.


We asked the team to name a few of their top moments of 2018, which we’ve rounded up below.

And here’s to a great  2019!

Stewart Kibby, CEO

2018 has been an amazing year in so many ways. There have been a huge number of highlights and some very notable new and happy customers. If I have to pick one highlight, it would have to be the launch of our new platform (WorkCast version 3 - much more to come on this!). The scale, capability and Enterprise class security make this an amazing bedrock for growth and happy customers heading into 2019. Specifically, if I'm honest the highlight has come this week as we have seen 50 events run perfectly on the new platform since it's go live last weekend! Well done to the product and engineering team, and everyone else at WorkCast who helped them with testing, support and the odd cup of coffee.

Bill Konesko, Customer Operations Manager and Claire Hodgson, Customer Operations Manager

Officially launching our monitored support program was a big win in 2018 and something we’re personally proud of seeing grow. After a soft launch in 2017, in 2018 we saw both offices utitlise monitoring stations to increase our support capacity and responsiveness to clients. The monitored support package offers a low cost support model for clients looking to run their own events while also getting that 'peace of mind' with having a trained WorkCast support tech available if the event has major issues.

Courtney Marsden, Business Development Executive

TFM 2018

It would definitely have to be TFM (Technology for Marketing) - it was such an amazing event. Over those two days in London, we got the chance to speak to some great people on the stand and hear from some really interesting speakers. I can’t wait for TFM 2019!

Chris Darch, VP of Sales North America

It’s been a great year at WorkCast so it’s hard to choose. In October there was a huge gas leak that shut down most of downtown Seattle and triggered a mandatory evacuation of our US office. The whole team handled it so well, but Bill went above and beyond, continuing to run a rehearsal on his mobile while being kicked out of the building by the fire service!  Still persevered even from behind the police cordon. Great dedication to the cause and a great example of how committed everyone on the team is!

Another great moment was achieving year-on-year growth of 36%, including closing our biggest deal to date, is a great milestone for the US office. We’re looking forward to more of the same in 2019.

Lee Farthing, Head of Product Development

My top moment is the launch of our new look WorkCast Studio. The development team has been working very hard to make it even more intuitive and as easy as possible for users and presents to create and run webinars. Some of the great new features include: a new My Connections tab that will allow presenters to easily connect to the event, removing the need for webcam/screen share pop ups. Also the Session Content section can now be accessed via the Media Hub. And my favourite feature, you can now drag, relocate and re-size the studio pods to suit your personal view.

Rachel Charlton, Head of New Business (EMEA)

Workcast Inbound photo

INBOUND 2018! Going to Boston for INBOUND was without a doubt my top moment of 2018. It was a whirlwind of the best kind - four days of exceptional speakers, great exhibitors, and awesome people. And getting the chance to see Boston was amazing - it is such a beautiful city, full of awesome people. INBOUND was a great opportunity and great fun :)

Rachel Charlton, Head of New Business (EMEA)

Robert Lyndsell, Webcast and Custom Events Producer

My top WorkCast moment would be streaming the Prime Minister at CBI Annual Conference in November. It’s one of the UK’s highest profile business conferences, so to be part of that was great. It has also been great to enable streaming from India, Thailand and Sweden this year, reaching out globally with our clients and proving streaming is the future in terms of running a live event!

Melissa Hugel, Content Marketing Specialist

Joining WorkCast! I joined WorkCast in August of this year and it has been a great decision. Not only am I getting to challenge myself in terms of marketing, but the team here is outstanding. The support and dedication from everyone here is unlike anything I’ve experienced in my career, and everyone is so willing to get involved. I can’t wait to take our marketing to the next level in 2019, so stay tuned!

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