Technology for Marketing: 5 Things We Learned at TFM 2017

Melissa Hugel
24-Sep-2018 11:57:53

It’s almost here! Technology for Marketing - or TFM for cool marketers like us - is the UK's only event dedicated to martech. It’s a place where marketers can come together and get inspiration from industry leaders, nurture the next game-changing idea, and pretty much plan the future of marketing (ok maybe not quite, but pretty close).

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Here at WorkCast we love TFM because it gives us a chance to speak to marketers face-to-face and hear what they’re looking for not just from their webinar provider, but from marketing platforms in general.

At TFM 2017, we got to talk to some amazing people and use these learnings to help us really fine tune both our product and our marketing. Here are a few nuggets of wisdom from TFM 2017 that can hopefully help you too.

A lot of people don’t know the difference between a webinar and a conference tool

What?!? How can people not know the difference between a webinar and conferencing/meeting tool. But the more we thought about it, the more it made sense. Unless you’re working with these tools day-to-day, it would be easy to confuse them.

It goes to show, you shouldn’t make assumptions about your customers’ knowledge base - make sure you explain everything clearly so they know exactly what they’re getting. Hearing this made us really think about our marketing messaging, so we’ve put a lot of effort into being as clear and direct as possible.

And for those who still don’t know, here you go:

A web conference or meeting is essentially an online meeting, mainly for internal groups/discussions. Web conferencing tools will cater to small groups of participants, with the ability to communicate equally from each location.

A webinar tool allows you to make presentations to larger groups of people. Instead of just logging in, people will sign up in advance to hear about a particular topic. Communication will largely be one way (presenter--> audience), though there are ways to hear from participants (Q&A sections, chats, etc.).

Webinars are here to stay

It was clear in talking to the thousands of marketers that descended on London last year that webinars are becoming an integral part of the savvy marketer’s toolkit. People are seeing real benefits from hosting regular webinars such as increased lead generation, better customer engagement, improved communications, and the ability to showcase their wider teams, amongst others.


As marketers put together their content strategy, we heard time and again that they are increasingly including webinars in their plans. So now is the time to start putting more resources into your webinar planning and ensure you are using a platform that helps you reach your business goals.

Their providers just aren’t cutting it

As much as the marketers we talked to were super keen on webinars, they were facing a dilemma - a lot of them just weren’t getting the flexibility and experience they desperately want from their current webinar providers.

The feeling amongst a lot of the people we spoke to is that a lot of webinar platforms (and there are a lot out there) are just meeting/conference tools that have been adapted to reach bigger audiences. And while on the surface this doesn’t necessarily preclude these platforms from being good, when you take into account that web meetings and webinars require vastly different functionality, then you can see why there are so many sub-par providers out there.

Webinar branding is super important

When it came to specific complaints about webinar providers, last year’s TFM cohort was loud and clear - BRANDING! Branding is such an important part of our job as marketers, and our webinar platforms are a key tool in projecting a cohesive brand identity.

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When you GoTo (see what I did there) a webinar landing page, you want it to be part of a cohesive brand identity, not just a generic page with your logo slapped on it.

While our branding experience is outstanding, we realised we could be doing more. That’s part of the reason we launched WorkCast for HubSpot - it not only allows a seamless integration, but it also ensures your webinar branding is second to none.

Everyone was super excited for TFM 2018

Ok, ok, the real consensus was that everyone we spoke to was looking forward to TFM again in 2018. And it’s not surprising.

With amazing speakers from Jamie Oliver Group,, Zizzi, GSK, Virgin, Financial Times and other leading brands discussing topics like the death of the campaign, digital disruption, and so much more, we can see why everyone is pretty pumped. And we have to say, we are too!

If you’re going to be at TFM 2018, then make sure you come by and see us at stand T244, and find out all about the amazing things coming up at WorkCast.

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