The Anatomy of a Lead Generation Webinar Landing Page [Infographic]

Maria Milea
27-Jan-2017 12:57:29

If you have created landing pages before, you already know by now that that there is no 'one fits all' rule when creating them, especially when we talk about different audiences, different business models and industries. 

Even so, there are elements and tested practices which definitely come in handy when you want to optimize your webinar landing page and increase your conversion rates.

Well, webinar landing pages are no different. 

At WorkCast we have tested with hundreds of landing pages, for different webinars and in different industries and we came up with nine must-have core elements that you should feature on your webinar landing page, to increase the number of leads that register for your event. 

While there is certainly science and testing involved in creating the 'perfect' lead generation landing page for your webinar, you will find the most relevant features and best practices explained in the infographic below. 




Did you enjoy the infographic? 

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