The Communication Challenge Businesses Face After Brexit

Mark Nordstrom
24-Jun-2016 16:48:12

The result of the EU referendum comes as a surprise to many. However, as we move in to a transitional period and adjust to life post EU, one thing businesses from both sides of the debate agree on is that there is a need to communicate clearly with clients and staff.

Uncertainty when it comes to how things will look going forward as our new economic structure, trade deals and so on, start to take shape and we begin the process of operating independently of the EU is understandable. But one thing is certain, business goes on.

Whether Britain parting company with the EU proves to be the correct decision in the long term of course remains to be seen, but what is clear is that Brexit has raised some crucial concerns which need to be communicated.

What impact is Brexit going to have on UK businesses? What impact will it have within global organisations who hold a UK presence? What does it mean for your valued customers? What does it mean for your valued staff?

These are all valid questions which need to be answered. And with the vast complexities of this significant vote not likely to become clear until we progress through the months and years ahead, it is imperative that businesses offer as much transparency on the implications as possible, to their clients and their workforce.

In the immediate aftermath it is clear that there is yearning for reassurance and clarity. However, the logistics of communicating with your entire workforce in person may be unfeasible.

A number of WorkCast clients are already planning their Brexit announcements via webinar. We are happy to discuss how we are able to support you in communicating what Brexit means to your company across your network of customers and your workforce.

Going forward we would also like to reassure our own clients that our dedication to providing world class webinar software has not changed. WorkCast believes that global communication provides the key to business success, the results of the EU referendum does not impact this in any way.

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