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The Evergreen Life of Webinars - 8 Ways To Drive More Engagement

Matt Tobin
20-Jul-2017 15:25:37

Once a webinar has concluded, many might think that’s it.

Off it goes, back into the presentations folder in your My Documents section.

Wrong, it’s just the beginning!

The possibilities for the content within your event are endless and by being clever and creative, you can breathe new life into it.

Even better, much like trying to generate interest in your webinar, you can use it to continue driving engagement in the topics you discussed!

Courtesy of Eric Peters from HubSpot, discover The Evergreen Life of Webinars! Here are 8 ways to drive more engagement:

(If you'd like to hear more of his insight into this topic, click on the below infographic and register to view his webinar, where he'll be discussing it in more depth!)

Evergreen Life Of Content Infographic 72.jpg

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