The Power of Pre Recorded Video in Live Webcasts

Jessica Faith
01-Sep-2016 14:17:45

In previous blog posts we have looked at how pre recording content can be a huge advantage, along with how simulive events have a number of benefits. In this blog post we will look at reasons to use pre recorded video in live webcasts.


1. Audience Engagement

There are a number of reasons to consider this - most principally it engages audiences. We find that audiences watch live events for longer and take away more of the key messages when video is utilised.

You only have to look at mainstream TV and traditional corporate messaging - this is principally done by video or webcasting as it is known in the world of online events. Essentially audiences engage when they see other humans.

Perfect your message

Including pre recorded video in live events doesn't only build engagement amongst audiences it also enables you to ensure your message is perfect. Prerecording allows the presenter to be filmed over several hours ensuring that the final cut is the best it  can be, a luxury not afforded in live events.

Multiple events

Pre recorded video can be used for multiple live webcasts. If you have a series of 6 events with the same presentation being given, or even the same introduction, you can use pre recorded video so that the presenter or moderator doesn’t have to be on hand for each of the live webcasts. Saving the presenters time and stress for each occurrence of the webcast.

That doesn't mean the live event won't be interactive for the audience though. You can still have presenters lined up on the phone to answer questions from the audience, during Q&A or through moderated chat.

Back ups for back ups

If you have a webcast that has been promoted and advertised, cancelling can be costly. So if there is a chance the speaker may have to drop out ahead of the event, a recorded video may be just the backup you need. Even if it doesn’t need to be used, it is there for emergencies or even for the on demand if the edited recording comes out better than the live event.

Product demonstration

Those of you that watch The Apprentice may remember the shopping channel task from Series 3. While the incident made great TV, it didn’t go down to well in the boardroom.


Wouldn’t it have been great if Simon had been able to look back at a recording of the video prior to the broadcast?

Product demonstrations don’t always go according to plan, whether it’s batteries in the wrong way, screws not fitting correctly or any other mishap, being able to record and review the video has many benefits and may save some embarrassing moments.

Alleviate stress and worry

Some of you may be all too familiar with that knot in the stomach that comes knowing that in a week, day or hour you will be speaking to people live with no safety net. For those of you that feel this way, a pre recorded video may be your saviour.

Having the ability to pre record can greatly relax a presenter and result in a much more fluid presentation. Also if a presenter struggles to learn specific lines or isn’t able to get the flow of the presentation, they can record in stages, with a script on hand for those in between times.

The video production team produce a range of content from the simple to the more polished TV style production. If you would like to explore using video in your event, get in touch and we will be happy to arrange a free online demo for you.

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