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The Top 4 Email Marketing Trends for 2018

Matt Tobin
15-Jan-2018 12:43:17

Ah the month of January. Everyone's favourite time of the year… Said no one ever.

Christmas is a distant memory, the bank balance has taken a monumental battering, and there’s a stack of things to sort out when everyone returns to the office :(

Oh it’s a fun old time.

So, in light of this fantastically enjoyable month, I’ll be brief and go easy on the word count for the first blog of the new year!

You guessed it, it’s infographic time once again.

2018 will, undoubtedly bring challenges for everyone, regardless of their industry and profession.

Never has this been truer than for Marketing in the coming 12 months. Specifically, Email Marketing.

Last year brought stories of huge data breaches, technology advancements and expanded privacy controls.

They’ve all, in their own way, changed the game entirely.

This means a new set of hurdles that we have to navigate over.

However, they’ve hinted at new, genuinely exciting possibilities for Email Marketing and where we could be if we grasped these opportunities with both hands!

So, with that in mind, we thought we’d scour the web and take a look at what’s new and where the world of Email Marketing is heading in 2018.

See if you agree with our choices, and comment below if you feel there’s something even bigger out there on the horizon that everyone needs to know about!

Here are our Top 4 Email Marketing Trends for 2018!


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