This One Thing will Supercharge Your Webinar's SEO

Melissa Hugel
23-Oct-2018 15:53:00

While 91% of marketers say they use content marketing as part of their overall strategy, 53% state they are part of a small or one person marketing team. This lack of resource is not uncommon amongst even bigger marketing teams and this means that not only do we as marketers have to create awesome content, but that we have to make that content go further.


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Our recent webinar sets out some practical steps and tips about how to do this (you can check it out here).

Text transcripts of webinars are not all that common - they can be difficult and time consuming to produce by traditional means. However, they can be invaluable resource - not only do they make your content accessible, they are also great for SEO purposes.

How? Well, let’s take a minute and break it down. One of our recent webinars was around 40 minutes long. When we created a transcript, it came out to more than 12,000 words. 12,000! To put that in perspective, Shakespeare’s Macbeth is 17,000 words.

And those 12,000 words are full of keywords and phrases that search engines love. Housing a transcript alongside your on-demand webinar can ensure it gets in front of a bigger audience and extends its digital life.

Now that we know the why, we come to the how. There’s a reason why transcripts aren’t that common - they can be a bit of a pain. However, as AI evolves, some of the bigger suppliers are making tools available that can help.

One company doing this is YouTube. It may be a little involved, but YouTube offers a great tool that can help you create an accurate transcript.

How to create a transcript with YouTube:

1. Log onto YouTube and upload your MP4 to your account.

2. Below the video, choose ‘Open Transcript’.

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3. Copy the text from the transcript box to a document.



4. Edit the transcript so it reads well and post alongside your webinar.

Once this is posted, your webinar should see an SEO boost - extending the reach of your content to new audiences.

For more tips like this on how to make your content work for you, check out the full webinar.

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