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Unleash Your Creativity! Develop Webinar Topic Ideas

Matt Tobin
13-Nov-2017 08:30:00

In order to ignite that creative spark, sometimes it’s sometimes good to put away the focus maps, halt the brainstorming and simply ask yourself some questions!

When you’re attempting to conceive ideas for exciting, new future webinar topics and the content within them, questioning yourself and your team can really help point you in the right direction.

I feel, next time you're struggling when it comes to webinar idea creation, there are four questions to ask yourself in order to give you a clearer picture.

How about we get you generating brilliant ideas for those upcoming events?

hand drawing creative business strategy with light bulb as concept.jpeg

1. What Issues Do Your Customers Frequently Have?

Looking to your client base for inspiration is a fantastic idea generation tool, regardless of the content you want to create.

But especially for webinar ideas!

If your client base have been particularly vocal about certain issues, related to the products/services you provide, why not consider running a webinar to address them?

It can explore the problem(s) in greater detail, and, your audience are likely to be at least somewhat interested in attending your event, as they will have originally brought it to your attention!

Look at what aspects of the problem you want to address. Do you:

  • Merely want to acknowledge the problem?
  • Offer advice about it?


  • Solve it entirely?

Regardless, using your knowledge to address a client problem, in a webinar, is a brilliant way to help your customer base and satisfy their needs!

Bringing us nicely onto:

2. What Are Your Strengths & Areas of Expertise?

Assessing what you, as a company, are good at and what makes you special can really help when you’re searching for a subject to talk about during your next webinar.

If you and your team feel confident you can offer in-depth analysis about your company and industry, in a webinar format, then do it!

By choosing to do business with you, your potential audience will likely feel that your organisation has a degree of competency in your field.

Capitalise on that! If they’re receptive to hearing you talk about various things related to your business, then use an online event as a platform to share your knowledge.

When generating ideas, knowing what you’re qualified to talk about is incredibly helpful, as it’s a way of essentially deciding your content, before you’ve even started thinking about it.

3. What Upcoming Events, Notable Dates or Releases Are In Your Company Calendar?

Glancing ahead to what big things are on the horizon, within your company, can certainly inspire a few ideas about how to cover those events with webinars.

If, for instance, you have an upcoming product release, use that as a basis for your next webinar to accompany the event!

It’ll offer coverage of the release, focus on the product itself and help the audience learn a little more about it. Perfect!

Online events have proven to really add something to large company events, as they allow businesses to create a wide variety of related content.

So, if you’re struggling to decide on a particular topic to base your next webinar around, why not just take a look at what’s happening internally.

Or, even externally!

Are there big events happening within your industry that are worth covering?

Your potential audience base might be interested to explore what’s happening outside your business, and how it might affect them.

All things to consider!

4. Have You Got Some Interesting Existing Content?

Whilst we’re talking about looking within your company for inspiration, why not raid the bank of content you’re sitting on?

It’s incredibly easy for marketers to create a piece of content, promote it, move on and totally forget about it.

But, it could contain your next great webinar ideas!

Could a blog that you’ve written in the past perhaps be re-explored and re-purposed in a presentation format?

If so, get your team to take a look and see what content can be harvested and re-created.

Revisiting old:

  • Blog Posts
  • eBooks
  • Presentations

          and even

  • Webinars

Can sometimes provide the basis for a webinar that adds to that content or looks at its subject matter from a completely different standpoint.

If you have a wealth of content at your disposal, think very carefully about dismissing it! As it might be worth looking at again, in order to create a webinar that your audience will want to attend!

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