Webinar Branding - Why is it so Important?

Matt Tobin
23-Oct-2017 14:49:40

Branding = Promoting the culture and identity of your business.

It’s pretty important for the long-term success of any company, there’s no denying it.

Chances are, you’re working within an organisation that holds effective branding in high esteem.


I guess it’s time for them to reconsider their stance!

Now, I’m not going to delve deep into the realms of marketing theory in this blog.

But I am going to concentrate on the importance of branding in a certain section of your overall promotion strategy:


How about we discover why webinar branding is so crucial to the success of your online events?

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A Little Theory First

But you said no marketing theory?

I lied.

But, luckily for you, I’m not writing a 10,000 word dissertation on the subject!

It’s a good idea, before looking at why branding your webinars is so important, to look at the basic principle behind it.

Essentially, it’s all about cultivating and promoting an identity that says to your target customers:

“Choose us over everyone else, because we’re the best!”

In a highly-competitive marketplace where businesses are constantly pushing and shoving in order to get noticed, effective branding can help companies stand out from the masses.

Now we’ve brushed over why it’s so vital, let’s apply this theory to online events!

Building a Brand With Webinars

Online events & Webinars, whatever the motives behind them, or the topics they cover, are marketing activities.

Naturally, branding should therefore be present within your events!

Think about this:

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Nike

Not just three incredibly successful companies financially.

But also, three commercial giants, instantly recognisable through their branding.

Their graphics, logos and typefaces are plastered across every single product or promotion they do.

Because they’re so good at promoting their identity, people associate their products with it and, consequently, affix a high standard to those products.

So you see, through adequately branding your webinars, you can promote your business and what it’s all about, to the audience!

For example, with the WorkCast Platform, you can fully brand your online events and various elements within them, including your:

  • Emails
  • Event Environments
  • Slides
  • Webinar Channels

All of which can be customised to include whatever level of branding you feel will allow you to communicate your organisation to those in attendance!

For many running online events, it’s sometimes the case that this gets overlooked in the grand scheme of things.

But, it’s important to imprint your unique identity onto your audience, through your webinars.

Which conveniently brings us to …

Making That Connection

I don’t need to tell you, webinars are a brilliant way to connect with your audience and build relationships with them.

Of course, this is mostly achieved with good:

  • Content
  • Interactions
  • Presenting

as they’re the main components of your event!

However, branding all of this, can add that extra salt and pepper you need to develop an association between your viewers and your brand.

Effectively doing so, provides that extra seasoning, as it not only helps the audience form a mental connection with your business and your content.

But, it also creates an association with your content and what quality products/services you offer!

If they see your:

  • Colours
  • Graphics
  • Logo
  • Taglines

alongside your fantastic content, they’ll make a positive association with the quality of your event, and consequently, your business, motivating them to perhaps do business with you in the future!

Cutting a long story short, a healthy level of branding, equals a healthy business.

At WorkCast, we live by this theory.

By encouraging our clients to make their online events stand out, whilst still remaining faithful to the content and style of event they’re running, we can assist in helping to promote their profile through webinar branding!

How do we do that then?

World-Class Branding

The WorkCast Platform grants you full control over the type of content you create for your events.

And, it offers the flexibility to create an event, including its branding, that displays exactly how you imagined it to.

By giving you full control of the placement of logos, graphics and other marketing elements, you can develop a superb event experience, with zero restrictions!

Remember, by running a webinar, you’re putting your company front and centre to your audience.

So because we feel (if I’ve not been clear!) branding is so important to the overall effectiveness of webinars, we encourage you to use our world-class branding options in your next event!

Don’t let all your sessions appear the same! Stand out from your competitors and choose WorkCast to create unique online events!

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