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What Are WorkCast's Opportunities with HubSpot?

by Barney Brown Posted on 04 October 2017

WorkCast positions itself as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, enabling marketers to deliver high-quality, engaging Virtual Events, Webcasts and Webinars.

As a software vendor, we’ve built a complete Online Event Platform, capable of delivering every element of an online event, because we had to.

This was the best way to attract customers and generate revenue.

We’ve created:

  1. Registration Experiences
  2. Email & Calendar Communications to promote and remind
  3. Presentation Tools that allow remote content producers to get creative with slides, demos, cameras and audio
  4. Broadcasting Capability that removes all the barriers of other webinar and webcasting tools
  5. Content Delivered as Live, Simulive & On Demand video streams to compelling audience viewer experiences
  6. Interactivity around the streams to allow audiences to interact
  7. Reporting Insight across everything including; attendance, viewing behaviour, clicks, chats, polls and more

So, why is this different to any other webinar vendor?


What does it mean for both WorkCast and HubSpot?

To answer this, we need to take a look at the evolution of webinar tools and video.

Opportunity Just Ahead sign on desert road.jpeg

The History of Webinar Technology

The roots of most webinar technology come from workplace collaboration tools, as they evolved out of meeting technology.

Point to point technology was developed to allow small groups of people to have online meetings with each other and was wildly successful.

It’s used in nearly every enterprise and there are a huge range of options out there.

It was quickly realised that this technology could also be used to reach and engage:

  • Customers
  • Partners
  • Prospects


  • Staff

The extension of a meeting is a seminar.

Consequently, the extension of a web meeting, became the webinar!

The important point to note though, is that ALL the enterprise meeting technologies built and engineered their technology the same way.

Basically, using client based software to allow presenters to share their screens with other attendees.

WebEx, Microsoft Lync, GoTo, Adobe, Zoom …

They’re all the same.

Given that they were built this way, every presenter and attendee gets the same experience.

Brilliant for the software vendor to maintain. Ideal for enterprises to deploy internally.

Not so great for marketers!

What’s Changed?

So, why is this approach wrong for marketers and the future of webinars?

Well, for many, it doesn’t seem to be.

These vendors have tens of thousands of customers. But, there is a but, in fact there are a few! And, they’re getting more important to marketers every day.

The reason so many marketers deliver webinars in an identical way, is that the big vendors haven’t innovated.

Now, it’s only the frustrated or enlightened marketers making the move right now.

Let me focus on 3 key areas that are driving change:

  1. The technology landscape has changed
  2. Viewer behaviour has changed
  3. Marketers requirements have changed, or are changing fast

Technology Landscape

The internet sped up and subsequently online video has emerged as a big part of our lives.

It’s the fastest growing user of capacity on the internet and the most engaging form of content for consumers and B2B.

Web meeting tools simply weren’t developed to deal with video as a source or as the delivery mechanism.

Anyone who has tried to display a piece of video from their desktop, or in their slides as part of a web meeting or webinar using a meeting tool, will know exactly what I’m talking about!

Viewer Behaviour

Audiences are fickle. They’re everywhere and on all devices.

Viewers EXPECT to be able to watch videos on their:

  • Phones
  • PC’s
  • Tablets
  • TV’s

Barriers that prevent this, make them switch off.

So, we have to face it; client-based systems are outdated for online broadcasting.

They create so many technical barriers, that it forces viewers not to tune in and presenters to compromise on their content.

This isn’t what marketers, presenters or viewers want!

Marketers Requirements

Original content is king.

Digital marketers need this content to be:

  • Creative
  • Easy to Produce
  • On Brand
  • Delivered Live & On Demand

Web meeting tools allow almost none of these options.

They deliver an experience that is:

  • Not On Brand
  • Not Where the Audiences Are
  • Making Presenters Compromise on the Video Content they can use

Nobody needs to justify the effectiveness of webinars in content marketing.

They are always in the top 5 content types that B2B marketers use.

The problem is, that they’re now the only content type that has to sit on its own platform, away from the platforms that marketers are now using to create, control and manage ALL the other content.

This has to change!

We can see it developing in the marketplace.

All social platforms are now geared towards video, every MAP is developing video hosting capability, each video hosting company is trying to figure out how to do live video well (Vimeo acquiring LiveStream for example) and people like us at WorkCast are figuring out how to provide tools to help marketers do it well in the platforms they already use!

The Future of Webinars with HubSpot

Imagine a world where you could create your registration processes using the HubSpot tools you know and understand…

They can be branded, in your website, part of other landing pages, posted on social media and in ads…

The confirmations and communications are delivered as fully branded, creative emails, tweets and messages that are created and managed in HubSpot…

You can A/B test, try different approaches, all in the tool you use for all your other content.


And look, you’ve just achieved more signups than ever before!

Oh, and by the way, all this is tracked, without moving data anywhere.

It’s all still in HubSpot.

  • Email performance
  • Clicks
  • CTA’s
  • Scoring

It’s all right there.

How do you allow presenters to deliver the best and most engaging video content they can?

You want to have a video in your slides, do a demo, flick on a camera, or mix between these.

You might even want to stream your conference content.

You want to do this live and not require any special software, plugins, hire consultants or agencies to manage this.

This is the WorkCast core intellectual property.

The WorkCast Studio allows presenters and organisers of webinars to deliver world-class video webinar experiences, from anywhere.

We even allow it all to be rehearsed, recorded and then delivered, Simulive.

So, how do you get the most eyeballs on these broadcasts?

Well, it’s pretty simple really, you deliver the content to the place your audiences are and allow them to watch and interact on their device of choice.

And it’s because we deliver our webinars as video streams, that HubSpot users can embed it right into your website, or other HubSpot pages.

You might even want to broadcast it to:

  • Facebook Live
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Maybe even LinkedIn (once they allow live video!)

The beauty of this is far reaching.

Not only do you know who these people are and can gate them into the webinar, but also because we can analyse the streams.

We know what they do, where they click, judge their engagement and score them appropriately.

Oh, and that data? It never leaves HubSpot.

We’re really close to bringing webinars, webcasting and live video broadcasting, right inside of HubSpot, not outside.

Now that would be cool!

Finally, webinar tools that sit inside the tool you use for all your content activities!

Watch out web meeting tools, WorkCast is coming!

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Barney Brown

By Barney Brown

Barney Brown is WorkCast's Chief Commercial Officer. He co-founded WorkCast in 2008 alongside Chief Operating Officer, Stewart Kibby. WorkCast has grown rapidly since 2008 to become a first class, award winning Online Event Platform with many of the World's leading brands as customers. As a webinar and webcasting software pioneer, Barney has been instrumental in shaping the products over the years that users experience today. When he's not visiting WorkCast's valued customers and offices in the UK and overseas, he'll be found supporting his beloved Arsenal FC.

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