What it's Like to Join Team WorkCast: Our First Month on the Job

Melissa Hugel
23-May-2019 09:57:05

Over the past few months, Team WorkCast has grown. You may have already read our recent Employee Spotlight piece from new Digital Marketing Specialist Lauren Poole - if not, you should check it out.

We’ve also recently welcomed some new starts to our New Business and Customer Success teams. Dan Horne, Business Development Executive, and Vanessa Oliver, Customer Success Manager have had a whirlwind few weeks in their new roles, and they’re sharing what it’s like to join Team WorkCast!


Vanessa: Welcome to the World of Online Events

Nicole Ritchie World

Coming into my new role you could say my knowledge was very basic … what exactly is a webinar? What is the difference between a webinar and a webcast? Hold on, a virtual event?

I, of course, had to quickly grasp what each of these elements were, and how they looked and functioned. However, once I saw them in action the question turned to WHY do organisation use these and this is where it became very interesting!

Utilising online events provides businesses with endless scope to grow their business and interact with prospects/customers – knowledge share, training, recruitment, internal comms & lead generation – not to mention the unlimited reach! I quickly began to realise the huge benefits organisations gain from running online events!


Dan: Speed


Speed is everything. There’s nothing we hate more living in today’s high-speed culture than waiting. It all feeds into that age-old adage – “Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today”.

I recently read a quote from Amazon’s Jeff Bezos:

If you want to do more of something, make the friction less. If you want to do less of something, make the friction more.

If it works for Bezos, and his multi-billion-dollar empire, then it can work for us.

Already I’ve been hearing horror stories from potential customers about the lack of urgency from our competitors. Whether that’s responding to emails, queries, support, whatever!

One customer told me when speaking to two other webinar platforms, one took the best part of a week to get back to a sales query and the second didn’t even get back to them at all!

I think what sets WorkCast apart is the speed at which we do things for our customers. Website chat enquiries, demo requests, support questions, we get things done asap! And that gives us an immediate advantage. I’ve seen first-hand that every customer (and potential customer) matters to us.


Vanessa: Managing Our Customers’ Success

Nemo this is going to be good

I’m part of the team here at WorkCast known as Customer Success Management. What does that mean? It means we make sure our customers’ events are the best they can be.

Starting this role as a Customer Success Manager is actually a brand new experience for me! Although I had some experience with account management it wasn’t at the same scale I’m looking at with WorkCast.

I have taken over my first few first couple of client accounts, and it’s been great to be given responsibility. While I know I have a lot to learn, the team here has been extremely supportive and we truly have some of the best customers around. With my first client being very new to webinars themselves I’ve been instantly set off on a learning curve with them!


Dan: The Sales Cycle


My role at WorkCast is as part of the New Business team. While this is something I have done in the past, I’ve not been as involved in the process as I’ve been allowed to be here at WorkCast. Previously, it has been very much about generating leads and passing them on or working projects that colleagues have created and passed on to me.

Now, I’m given the trust and responsibility to manage the full sales cycle, and I’m loving it! I’ve been doing the usual outreach stuff, following compelling articles I read online, approaching companies similar to current customers, the bread and butter stuff. But thanks to WorkCast’s investment in Inbound Marketing (shameless plug for our latest webinar on the subject here) we also have an abundance of inbound leads to qualify, nurture, demo and close.

This first month has been a whirlwind of product learning, sitting in on demos, practice demos of my own, and beginning to manage leads. With a couple of opportunities on the hook already, I’m feeling good about the next few months.


Dan: Culture

Office raise the roof

Walking into the sales team not only as the newest member, I’ll admit I was nervous, but I needn’t have worried. The team has made me feel welcome and I have been surrounded by people who were here for a reason, and that is to make WorkCast the best company it can possibly be.

There is a great mix of people here, with various backgrounds and levels of experience, and that all adds up to having one cohesive team working as one to a common goal.

It might sound cliché, but WorkCast puts thought into keeping its staff healthy and happy. Even just providing breakfast for the staff means a lot, as it’s something I used to neglect in order to get into the office early (or for that extra 10 minutes in bed).

But it’s more than just free crumpets…the flexibility and understanding means I feel for the first time in a long time that I have nailed my work/life balance!

My first day, I was lucky enough for it to be the first day of the financial year. This meant a day of celebration for the record-breaking year the company had experienced, including a staff night out where I had the opportunity to get to know everyone over curry and a beer (in retrospect a new, clean white shirt was a risk).

It also meant I was there for the meetings about target setting for the year ahead, which gave me a clear view of how I can fit in over the next year and do my bit for the company.

Next up are the team building activities, a mix of a day/night out on the town and a 10k walk for charity. I’ll leave it up to the reader to guess which I’m less confident about excelling in… 


Vanessa: Team WorkCast

Iron Man Team

I can honestly say the whole team at WorkCast made me feel very much at ease and comfortable when starting! The team is very friendly and all working towards one goal… to be the best webinar platform on the market!

Clients work with us repeatedly, returning time and again, as not only do they love the platform, they appreciate the level of support we offer! With fantastic feedback, continued custom and rapid new business coming through the door I am excited to be a part of a growing business!


Want to join our team? We're hiring so check out our careers section. 

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