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4 Reasons Why Quality Webinar Leads are Better Than Quantity

Matt Tobin
26-Oct-2017 15:10:48

Responsible for running webinars?

Ever get the feeling the objective of getting good post-event stats is ominously hanging over your head?

  • Big Registration Numbers
  • High Attendance Rates

It seems to be generally accepted that event organisers live and die by these figures.

But why?

Surely it makes more sense for a company to look beyond those numbers and percentages!

Wouldn’t it make more sense to gain less, but more quality leads? As opposed to a boatload of lower standard ones?

No offense to those viewers who took time out of their busy schedules to view your event, but remember:

Less than half of your registrants will eventually convert into a customer!

So, in light of that revelation, ask yourself:

“Should we be focusing on attracting the right kind of leads, as opposed to the right number?”

How about we find out!

Smiling young man shaking hands with an insurance agent or investment adviser as he sits in a meeting with his wife in her office.jpeg

Making Noise, But the Right People Don’t Hear It

It’s a competitive environment you operate in.

They seem the easy options:

  • Create content that will draw big numbers
  • Shout as loud as you can with your promotion
  • Hopefully gather some quality leads along the way

Hey, if this is your plan, that’s cool!

If you want the numbers through the door, so to speak, you probably won’t go far wrong with this strategy.

But, we feel that in order to truly experience success, in the long-term, you need to have a concentrated approach to obtain the best results.

And, subsequently, a platform that let’s you keep your hard-earned leads exclusive to you, and no one else!

Impressive post-event statistics look good on paper, but if the leads you’ve gathered don’t deliver many conversions, your efforts in creating the webinar, are ultimately fruitless.

You’ll have far more success narrowing your target audience and developing content that caters to them!

We’re talking:

  • Interactive Features - to build relationships with these registrants
  • Relevant Topics - of interest that encourage them to attend
  • Specific Content - that will capture their attention during your event

Helping Your Sales (Team)

I realise this question is perhaps in your mind as you read this:

“Surely by getting a higher volume of leads, you’ll increase your chances of getting greater numbers of high-quality leads?”

You know what? You’re absolutely right.

Mathematically, you’ll have a better chance of finding more gems, among lesser quality leads.

However, it’s a bit inefficient!

Think about your sales team for a moment.

Remember, they have to sift through and follow-up on all these registrants, which is no mean feat, especially during busy periods.

Pursuing less, but potentially more valuable leads, will prove a more reasonable use of their time and resources.

Sales can concentrate their efforts on building meaningful relationships with leads that won’t eventually prove to be a bust!

Quality Leads = Focused Content

Actively targeting quality leads means that your content must be more focused in order to attract them.

Now, although that does require significantly more effort in your content creation, it’ll improve your webinars and online events in the future!

Catering to a specific demographic, which has a greater chance of producing good leads, needs:

  • Branded Events & Event Materials
  • Fully Functioning Slides
  • Sophisticated Email Campaign

This is the sort of stuff we’re talking about when we mention focused content.

So you see, by challenging yourself to pursue leads of greater stature, you’re bettering your content creation and marketing!

But, how do you tender to the few by ensuring your events are of a high standard?

Simple! With just a few changes, like:

  • Non-Static Slides
  • Specific Video Content

Luckily, WorkCast’s platform is engineered to facilitate both these things!

Non-Static Slides are a no brainer really, regardless of who you’re targeting, so break free from them!

Our platform will keep your animations and transitions, as you intended them to display in PowerPoint!

Videos, both embedded and live are a fantastic way to engage attendees in general. But they’re also a brilliant way of creating a more varied event experience!

And, once you’ve obtained these quality leads, our platform won’t share them with anyone else!


So, why are quality leads better than quantity?

Well, because by taking a long-term view of things, they are more likely to bring you regular, repeat custom, when compared to slightly flimsier leads, who may or may not do business on a regular basis!

Catering to quality leads will raise your game too! Meaning you should choose a platform that can help you reach another level with your online events.

WorkCast allow you to cater for the masses, but also inspire the few!

If you’d like to discover a little more about why our Platform is number one when compared to our competitors, check out this new comparison chart next time you’re planning on running a webinar!

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