Why You Should Embed Webinars On HubSpot

Stewart Kibby
03-Jun-2016 16:49:52

We love HubSpot at WorkCast and our inbound marketing journey has seen early success since we've been using it. When we started, we didn’t connect just how central webinars were to the inbound philosophy. However, the more we got to grips with the inbound philosophy, the more we appreciated webinars can actually be core to this movement.


That was when we started to get excited; we could help craft an inbound future! 

When I started looking into it more, I realised Hubspot+WorkCast could equal inbound success. Still, I wanted to take a look for myself to see how the process worked:

HubSpot Webinar Integration

I started by looking at how HubSpot do webinars. HubSpot do most things really well, so we expected good things.  The signup and invitation process was great, nice HubSpot branded emails, forms and landing pages but it all went a bit wrong when I tried to watch the live event.

Don't get me wrong, technically it worked fine. However, I needed to download 3rd party software. I then seemed to lose any HubSpot brand continuity and ended up in a 3rd party meeting tool (not HubSpot). Obviously, I know some Webinar products still work in that way but I just don’t get why companies as great as HubSpot would accept that experience for their inbound attendees.

I then looked at other Marketing Automation providers to see how they were running webinars. Basically the same story: they had great processes with poor event integration.  I don’t get it. As one of the founders of WorkCast, I'd like to say that I know the webinar market really well! I know there is a better way, but it seems like even the great inbound champions, who I generally aspire to be like, might be missing  trick.

A Better Way?

I looked deeper and basically came to the conclusion that there are 2 issues driving Inbound marketers to poor quality webinars:

1) Trying to run high quality webinars on scaled-up meeting tools.

The problem? Meeting tools need all participants to install their company's software. It’s how they work because they were not built for Marketers to run Webinars for thought leadership, lead nurturing and lead generation. They were built for hosting large online meetings.

You might be able to customise web meeting tools a bit but they are not like your website. A good webinar looks like your website and basically acts in the same way as your website. And a good webinar shouldn’t need anything to be installed for you to view, interact and participate in it (no matter what device you are on).

2) Focusing on Data Integration

All of our MA Inbound leads ask for an integration with their MA platform.The thing is, if you create the right webinar you don’t need an integration because your data is already in your MA platform. You only need integrations when your software doesn’t do it right in the 1st place!

Think about it, you are taking your inbound leads away from your MA landing page and onto another vendor’s site. Why not do it the other way round? Bring the features of the webinar you need into your Marketing Automation or Content Management platform. That way you have all the data natively – no integrations needed and all the native customisation of a landing page.

It really is that simple. Marketing Automation platforms already have all the template and workflow capabilities you need to run an end-to-end webinar workflow. You just need to embed your webinar into a landing page and add a couple of extras like calendar files and you are good to go.

Why should you bother?

  1. Your webinar will look like the rest of your website / landing pages
  2. Your registration process, emails, landing pages (with webinar embed)  push data right into your MA platform, so it’s there instantly and ready to act on.
  3. It’s much, much simpler as you already have in-house skills that know how to use your MA platform

Ultimately, I knew that the best way to test these theories was to run my own webinar campain using Hubsput and WorkCast. So that's what I did. The webinar, which you can watch here, offers some simple steps to to embeded webinar success.  

The webinar is now available On-Demand. So, if you'd like to find out how embedding your webinars in marketing automation tools will improve inbound success, register today:


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