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My FIRST Visit To Inbound - What I'm Looking Forward To

Barney Brown
21-Sep-2017 16:45:30

It may sound counter intuitive for a Company that specializes in Online Event technology such as webinars, webcasts and virtual events to attend a physical conference. But not so, we at WorkCast have never believed that many aspects of physical conference could be replaced by the online version. They are complementary. Inbound is a great example of this.

It's getting close. The bag is not quite packed as I travel pretty light but the schedule is set. I'm going to the Hubspot Inbound Conference in Boston for the 1st time, so why am I going and what am I expecting?

  • Leads?
  • Insight?
  • Networking?
  • Education?
  • Fun?

The answer I hope is all of these.

WorkCast and webinars, webcasts and virtual events are an incumbent part of a Marketers inbound strategy - or at least they should be!  However, more than this, WorkCast is a company that follows it's own Inbound strategy.

As much as we would like to be the Worlds leading name in webinars, webcasts and virtual events and be the software that everyone chooses, unfortunately we are not yet and on our path to this goal we need to follow an Inbound and content marketing strategy.

So, as a founder of WorkCast this is important to me - I'm going to learn.

Just the breadth of stories, presentations and companies presenting will inspire me with new ideas and content for WorkCast.

Will I get any leads? Well maybe. We are not exhibiting this year, so its not the sole focus but there will be plenty of folk who are not running webinar programs or if they are, could be doing them better!!

Hopefully, I will meet some cool people who have cool ideas and jobs. Spending time with these folk will make the whole exercise well worthwhile. I even know a few people going, so it will be great to catch up with them for a beer or two!

Now, to the fun!! From what I have read and heard from previous attendees, this is certainly available! So, I'll do my best. I'm not getting any younger but Free Cocktails!! What's not to like.

So, It's nearly time and I'm looking forward to it. I'll blog on my return and what it was like and what I learnt.

Who knows, I might even convince the folk at Hubspot that they need webinar functionality in their platform not just blogging tools! Now, that's a completely different story......



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