WorkCast for HubSpot – Our Journey to INBOUND 2018

Barney Brown
04-Sep-2018 09:12:11

When WorkCast chose HubSpot as its Marketing Automation platform in 2015, we had no idea the journey it would take us on.

As a UK based SaaS webinar platform vendor, we recognized that in order to scale our business we needed to invest in marketing. We also knew this investment had to be based on quality content and inbound methodology, so HubSpot seemed like the obvious choice.

It was a bit scary though - we are an SMB that had already invested in Salesforce. However, after some thought - and especially after HubSpot launched its sales module - we took the bold decision to go ALL IN with HubSpot.

And I can tell you now, that decision was a great one.

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Our Journey

WorkCast is not just a webinar platform, it's also a content marketing platform and it’s used by marketers in Small, Medium and Large Organizations alike.

As we were in the process of deciding to go with HubSpot, it became clear that marketers increasingly wanted to manage content and marketing data in one place - integration was key. So, we scratched our heads and thought – “why don’t Marketing Automation platforms have webinar capability as standard?”

The answer we found was twofold: first, most webinar platforms were not built with Marketing Automation in mind. So many of them are just plugins, add ons, or extensions of meeting or collaboration tools and just don’t allow the type of integration required to be an incumbent feature of Marketing Automation platforms like HubSpot.

Secondly, building a live presenting platform that scales and has the features marketers require is hard. Really hard. So, HubSpot, Marketo, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Micorosoft haven’t bothered – yet.

But why haven’t they bought one? Well, I’m not in corporate development or strategy for any of these organizations, so can only guess that, in part, given the scale/size/price tag of WebEx, Goto, Zoom, and Skype, acquiring a meeting tool to get a webinar platform just doesn’t add up.

Essentially, we spotted a gap in the market - an integrated webinar tool. So, that’s why we chose HubSpot and it’s what gives WorkCast a huge advantage for HubSpot customers and partners. WorkCast is a webinar platform engineered for marketers using html pages, browsers and streaming technology that gives them complete control over brand, access, scale and integration. And we’ve seen time again as marketers fedup with substandard meeting tools move to WorkCast.

WorkCast now has three offices – Durham, UK (HQ); Edinburgh; and Seattle and we are connected in no small part to HubSpot. We run Sales, Marketing and now our Service Hub through HubSpot and the benefits we’ve seen from a productivity, knowledge, and connection perspective have been immediate.

Our decision turned out to be more fortuitous than we could have hoped. As we were launching our integration, HubSpot invested in the APIs for its Connect program (its integration offering). As a result, WorkCast has been able to almost completely embed our webinar functionality in HubSpot pages (take a look at WorkCast for HubSpot to see just how cool it is).

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Our overwhelmingly positive experience with HubSpot and our belief that it is a valuable tool that will allow WorkCast to work for marketers led us to another decision - to sponsor INBOUND 2018, a significant investment for a relatively small SaaS vendor. But we know it will be worth it - INBOUND is one of the fastest-growing business events in the world because of the unmissable content and amazing people it will host over the next couple of days.


WorCast inbound sponsor


Starting today, we are at INBOUND to show HubSpot staff, partners, customers and prospects what we’ve built and I can say with certainty that we are super pumped! Given the feedback we’ve received and the pricing announcement we have planned the future looks pretty darn good!

If you are at INBOUND 4-7 September 2018, come and see us Stand 24. (Don’t worry if you miss us - you can sign up for a free trial and try WorkCast for HubSpot yourself - it’s awesome).

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