WorkCast Stratus Propels Webinars to New Frontiers

Stewart Kibby
07-Feb-2019 13:47:06

The WorkCast webinar platform is unquestionably one of the top premium webinar platforms in the world. After 10 years of innovation, fine tuning, upgrading, more innovation, rebuilding and embracing new technologies, we have taken the platform from being a strong contender to be right at the top with the very best of premium webinar platforms.

WorkCast has always had a vision to bring webinars together with the huge online video ecosystem. When we started 10 years ago, we had a very simple concept. If WorkCast can enable our customers to broadcast webinars as a single video stream from ‘the cloud’, webinars would be vastly more powerful, so that’s what we did. WorkCast has extraordinary benefits over ‘traditional’ webinars:

  1. Video is a ubiquitous part of the online world today. It will work on every device, live or on-demand without plugins, software or apps. WorkCast removes the barriers for attendees.
  2. Video is inexpensive to broadcast and can support huge audiences, so webinars can be big without being expensive. WorkCast does not charge extra for your webinar success. Some of our licences support up to 50,000 attendees at no extra cost.
  3. Video webinar delivery means that video can be used as content in your webinars without making it a big deal. WorkCast webinars allow live webcams, embedded video in slides, switching between slides and full screen video as standard. WorkCast webinars embracing video, are more engaging for attendees.
  4. Video is supported on everything and there are countless tools to modify, edit and embellish video, so your webinars can be used far more extensively. WorkCast webinars integrate more easily and more powerfully with major platforms and technology from Amazon Web Services, to Facebook and Hubspot.

Generally, our releases are heavily focused on bringing new features to our customers, but this January we have done so much more than that. As well as releasing powerful new functionality, we enormously improved our Presenter Studio. We completely upgraded our entire infrastructure, platform and - critically - our future capabilities. Our ‘Stratus’ release to AWS completes our vision completely upgrading our entire infrastructure, platform and future capabilities.

So what?

Marketers sometimes think that features, support and attendee experience are all that matter in a world-class webinar platform, but there really are some huge benefits that come from changing the technology and the way the platform actually works.

  1. We have upgraded how everything works behind the scenes to take advantage of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. The entire platform in now all running on AWS. This massively scales WorkCast, so most parts of the platform are capable of running 10x faster and 100x bigger!
  2. We enhanced and upgraded our security to ensure Enterprise level security for every account and every event. Even our Banking and Finance customers are impressed! Sorry can’t tell you any more detail here - our security team won’t let me but please do get in touch to find out more...
  3. We created a new ‘data warehouse’ to allow us to manage and report on attendee data in new and exciting ways. One outcome will be the launch in March of our new reporting and analytics. This includes advanced attendee scoring algorithms so our customers can quickly and easily identify the hottest leads and pass this information to their Marketing Automation platforms like Hubspot, Marketo, Eloque, Salesforce and more.
  4. We laid the foundations for the globalisation of WorkCast. We needed to ensure the platform performs as well for attendees in Australia, Brazil and Hong Kong as it does for those in Europe and the US. We also ensured that we can support all language character sets beyond just western Europe and will be adding many more languages to the platform for attendees, presenters and event managers.
  5. Finally, we upgraded all our video streaming standards and capabilities. Warning: a little jargon coming up, but basically we added the very newest online video technology through the very best internet connections globally! This includes support for WebRTC (new zero delay streaming) which is now native to our studio and will be added as a standard attendee stream over the next few months. This is on top of existing HLS, MPEGDash, Flash streams running on AWS and Limelights CDNs.


What's Next?

WorkCast Stratus has connected the WorkCast webinar platform with the global video ecosystem. We chose a cloud hosting partner in AWS who bring the very best of cloud video features and capabilities - particularly through the AWS Elemental platform. This means that WorkCast is ‘plugged in’ to the best video capabilities. Expect to see a lot more from WorkCast this year as we build even further with our partners - particularly AWS.

These are exciting times for WorkCast and our customers!


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