WorkCast Takes The Pledge 1% Challenge

Katherine Hamilton
26-Apr-2016 11:33:21

This year WorkCast is ready to get serious about giving back. That's why we're adopting the Pledge 1% ethos developed by Salesforce. If we all donate 1% of our equity, time and product, together we can bring about real change.

Social responsibility isn’t just about donating money to the charity of the year and forgetting about it. Although it’s always good to support charities; when you empower your workforce to really get involved, it can change the outlook of your company for the better.

“Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can...”- John Wesley 

At WorkCast giving back has always been part of our ethos as a company, from donating food to animal shelters, to running marathons for charity. But this year we want to take things to the next level. That’s why we’re adopting SalesForce’s Pledge 1% campaign.

What is Pledge 1%

If you haven’t heard of Pledge 1% it’s really quite simple; If every company donated 1% of their time, resources, and product, the impact would be felt globally. Salesforce has woven this ethos into everything they do from the beginning and it’s something they believe other companies should adopt.

“The driver was that we wanted to create the kind of company that made philanthropy, giving back, part of who we were right from the very beginning.’ – Suzanne DiBianca, Salesforce 

So, why 1%? It doesn’t sound like much does it? But think about it; 1% of an 8-hour work day is 5 minutes, multiply that by a year and you have 20 hours. That’s nearly a whole day to give back to a good cause. So, if every person in your company gives 20 hours of their time and skill to a charity that is important to them it starts to become a bigger change. The same goes for 1% of profits, and 1% of product. 

So you see, it’s not just about donating time. Corporate social responsibility should be integral to the way we work, if we can inject a philanthropic ethos into what we do the impact will be long reaching.

Pledge 1% at WorkCast

In our case, we believe that one of the greatest things that technology companies can do is donate some of their product to organisations that will really benefit from it. For us, that’s online events.

WorkCast Marathon Runners

We’re passionate about connecting the world through online events and we believe that global communication improves us as people. That’s why we want to donate 1% of our product to people who will use it to make a real impact. That could mean a virtual conference for a charity, or a series of webinars for a start-up in the developing world. The possibilities are endless and it’s really exciting.

When you empower someone to be able to give back, more often than not, they’ll take the opportunity and run with it. So, we’ll always be happy to sponsor our avid runners in marathons, and bake (and eat!) delicious cakes for charity. But this year our focus will also be on how we can collectively use our talents and product to make a bigger impact in the world.

What will you do?!

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