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WorkCast Webcasts - My Day with the Team

Matt Tobin
09-Oct-2017 11:51:19

Webcasts are so popular among our clients who want to conduct company-wide, internal events.


Because, they can communicate with everyone, all at once, with minimal costs!

And, they’re a fantastic replacement for physical events, with none of the huge project management required either!

WorkCast works with some of the world’s leading companies, who want their crucial internal events handled by an experienced webcasting team!

So, when the call came for me to get involved in one such event, I jumped at the chance!

The client? One of the world’s leading electronics firms.

The event? An internal webcast, with gated content, so only certain employees could access the webcast!

Needless the say, the whole day was a great experience for me, as I learned more about how our Webcasting Team operates and got a flavour of the strenuous efforts they have to put in every day to ensure our clients have a fantastic event experience!

Here’s how it all went down:

Business woman making a presentation at the office.jpeg

Starting Up

After a morning lie in working at home, I headed to the event location via train, surviving on an unbelievably healthy diet of coffee and crisps.

Luckily, no setup was required the night before, as we were due to arrive early the next morning to prepare all our equipment for the webcast, scheduled for a 1:00pm start.

Turning up bright-eyed the next morning, myself and my colleague had everything ready to set up.

We met with a company representative, whom WorkCast had been liaising with in the run-up to the webcast, who showed us to the conference room, where the magic would take place.

After a quick chat, where we got a flavour of how they wanted proceedings to unfold that day, we also met with the company who would be providing the audio for the event, synchronising what we were doing with them too.

Heading to Practice

Cracking on, we unpacked all the vital components needed to get ready for the rehearsals, scheduled for later that morning.

Although my experience working on webcasts is indeed limited, I was helped along by my colleague, who explained everything clearly!

Remarkably, it took little time to actually get a fair amount of kit completely operational.

And, after some top-notch duct taping of cables and wires, courtesy of yours truly, we were ready for the rehearsals to commence.

4 speakers would be talking during the presentation, so it was good practice to run through the order they would be speaking in and the script itself.

The premise of a webcast, for those unsure of this, is that presenters are being filmed and will appear on-screen with the presentation slides as well.

Once everyone was comfortable with everything, we were good to go!

The Main Event

I quickly familiarised myself with the slideshow, as I was tasked with controlling what slides the viewers would be seeing on the online stream of the webcast.

Afterwards, we had a brief pause for lunch, where we took a few minutes to admire the break room (table tennis and table football facilities no less!), then focused our minds back on the job.

We checked the streams were fully operational (both audio and video) and the employees based at the offices began to stream into the room, armed with doughnuts and the finest selection of Mr Kipling’s cakes I’ve ever seen.

Presenters were all ready to get going at the event started!

Without going into the details of the content, suffice to say, the content within the slides was very slick and professional.

Anyone viewing the event would’ve been impressed by the overall quality!

Heading Off Home

At around the hour mark, the webcast concluded, the streams were switched off and we could begin packing up.

We caught up with a few representatives afterwards, who said they were very pleased with the outcome!

It was great to get some insightful feedback there and then and we could learn more about what they felt about the event itself.

We finished storing everything away, and after a few goodbyes, we were all set to hit the road once more.

So, there you have it!

A quick window into the world of WorkCast’s webcasts and the brilliant work our Webcasting Team do every day.

For me, it was genuinely interesting to see how things work, as it’s easy at times to take for granted the hard work that goes into conducting just one hour long event.

Until the next time I answer the call of duty, hopefully you’ve enjoyed this little account!

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